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In a world fallen into anarchy a disillusioned bureaucrat becomes the unlikely champion of Earth's survival.

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15 January 2007
Universal Pictures Video 
107 minutes 
  • Average Rating for Children of Men [2007] - 3 out of 5

    (based on 3 user reviews)
  • Children of Men [2007]
    Andrew Marssen

    A thought provoking film to say the least. With the dystopian world in the background as important as the action in front, this film addresses many issues that are progressive issues of modern-day life. An outstanding amount of attention to detail goes into the rich and believable surroundings, when the world in which the characters inhabit is believable, it somehow makes their personalities so also.

    Cuaron has successfully brought us a blockbuster success in the shape of Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban so now he shows us that he is completely capable of creating an intense and mature drama with socio-political elements, and still keeping that entertaining side too. While you don't feel as though the emotions and relationships of the characters take all of the attention from the action, as a viewer you feel yourself growing to like the distinctive, and excellently played, personalities of each of the characters, so much so that after sitting down to watch an action-packed sci-fi adventure you feel a)complete empathy for Theo and Kee and b)slightly scared for the future of the human did that happen?

    As you would expect, the film contains a strong selection of talent with Michael Caine's character Jasper bringing enough depth and familiarity to the screen that you feel as though you have know him for years. No surprises from Julianne Moore who, as always, shows us what a recognisable and strong performance she consistently brings to any film she is in. Clive Owen was a gem and although his character was more of an anti-hero than the conventional squeaky-clean protagonist, he pulled it off perfectly; no cheesy on-liners or arrogance, which is typical of these roles. Instead he is definitely more of an ever-man's hero, down to Earth and likeable. The actress who stands out the most in Children of Men is Clare-Hope Ashitey, who played the character of Kee. Being a somewhat unknown actor, she didn't have the problem of bringing her own personality into the role, which can happen with more major stars, instead she brought warmth and honest, which is probably where most of the emotional response came from!
    This film is one that is very difficult not to enjoy on some level, an instant classic. I would definitely recommend this.

  • Children of Men [2007]
    Zachariah Rush

    'Children of Men' depicts a bleak dystopian near-future where humanity is infertile and whose existence teeters on the brink of extinction. It is a violent vision of revolution and a State which has passed beyond anarchy and has entered into chaos.
    Somehow a young girl finds herself pregnant and there is hope. The baby carries with it the importance of a Messiah, whose birth symbolizes salvation and redemption for mankind. Theo, a one-time activist is drawn into the struggle to single handedly save mankind. The fact that Theo becomes the reluctant anti-hero is negligible. It could be any man; which is precisely why he is Every Man.
    The overriding message of the film is that individual sacrifice doesn"t matter so long as the mankind as a collective can attain salvation, and it is this collectivist conception of humanity which strips the film of such feelings as love and tenderness - darkening the already sombre tone of the film - there is only comradeship and this comradeship is only valid as long as the individual disowns himself for the collective. How prophetic this film proves to be - only time will tell.
    The film is at its most striking when the cries of the new-born child are able to silence the warring guns of man... there is the cry of hope therein, a chorus of salvation to which all men are to some degree attuned. How long can such silence last?
    Finally, though, there is the affirmation of hope which is stamped on the film as we witness a ship of salvation enter the screen whose name is Tomorrow.... But what Tomorrow will bring, we must either imagine for ourselves, or patiently wait for a sequel....

  • Children of Men [2007]
    Leon Finch

    Had my doubts before seeing this one - anything with Clive Owen tends to send me to sleep (hell, if he can sleep through every role, why cant I?) - but I can confirm that he does have more than one emotion!!
    The old 'distopian future' storyline gets another airing, the hook here though is that humankind has become infertile (things like that happen in the future dontcha know?) and the land is ruled by force and/or anarchy.
    Suddenly a pregnant woman pops up and Owen finds himself in the role of (initially) reluctant protector, trying to get the bun in the oven lady to sanctuary (although reading between the lines, when she gets to sanctuary she will most likely be poked and prodded and experimented on to see why her ovaries are bomb-proof).
    Really visceral action scenes make this film tick along nicely and it's well worth watching, particularly if you think we have it bad now - this will cheer you up!
    Kind of a twisted Logan's Run but without fruit pastille hands....enjoy!

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