Christmas Drama Collection Triple DVD Box Set - Flint Street Nativity, Lost Christmas and Fast Freddie, The Widow & Me DVD


Fast Freddie The Widow and MeJonathan Donald (Lawrence Fox) is a fast car salesman who's as happy with his champagne lifestyle as he is with his six-figure pay-packet. He's invincible - in his world there's no problem money can't solve. So when he finds himself in court awaiting a fine for a drink-driving offence he's not remotely worried. What he isn't expecting is to be facing a disgruntled judge with a flair for creative sentencing - in Jonathan's case a 100 hour community service order. And when he turns up at the Moonbeam Club a drop in centre for young adults... with learning disabilities he certainly isn't expecting to enjoy himself. Jonathan meets Freddie (Jack McMullen) at the end of his first day a hyperactive 20-year-old with a wicked sense of humour and a terminal illness. Freddie has grown up in care and has never been part of a real family. His last impossible wish is to have a traditional family Christmas. In a move that comes as a surprise to everyone Jonathan devotes his time to making Freddie's final wish come true. With the clock ticking Jonathan's mad dash to create the perfect Christmas family gathering involves a motley crew of petty criminals dodgy geezers and possibly the most loving relations Freddie will ever know. Also starring Tamzin Outhwaite. Lost ChristmasBased on the classic novel Lost Christmas the film tells the story of how a series of tragic events blighting a young boy's life one Christmas Eve take him on a journey where a chance meeting with a mysterious stranger may have the key to help and give him a perfect Christmas. 'Goose' is a ten year old boy who on Christmas Eve not thinking about his actions hides his father's car keys in the hope that he won't leave to attend an urgent emergency rescue. This is a decision Goose will always regret. As his mother gets her keys and drives his dad to work Goose doesn't realize that this is the last time he will see his parents as ten minutes later his mother and father are killed in a car crash. Flash forward a year and its Christmas Eve once again we see Goose is no longer the bright energetic ten-year-old boy he once was and is now a streetwise kid who is supporting his Nan through petty crime. Enter 'Anthony' a mysterious enigmatic man who appears seemingly out of nowhere on Manchester's snowy streets. Despite being lost himself he has the compulsion and ability to find the lost uncovering truths that will eventually transform the life of 'Goose' and those affected by his decision. But is 'Anthony's' ability to heal real or just an illusion? Starring BAFTA Olivier and two-time Emmy award-winner Eddie Izzard as Anthony along with Jason Flemyng and written and directed by Emmy Bafta and Berlin Bear award-winner John Hay. Flint Street NativityWith angels crying in the toilets all because of a jealous Angel Gabriel it could only be the eagerly awaited performance of the Primary school nativity play - this time with a twist! The UK's finest comedy actors take the leading roles as the eight year old performers. Through the inevitable mishaps misunderstandings young egos fears of failure and fallings out the children's characters evolve into mirror images of their parents the nativity play's audience. You'll be drawn into the amusing and enchanting worlds and minds of young children and reminisce about your own childhood performances! Starring Frank Skinner Jane Horrocks Mark Addy Josie Lawrence Ralf Little John Thomson Julia Sawalha and Stephen Tompkinson. [show more]

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04 November 2013
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223 minutes 
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Triple bill of made-for-TV dramas set during Christmas time. 'Flint Street Nativity' (1999) stars Frank Skinner, Jane Horrocks, Neil Morrissey, Stephen Tompkinson and many others as primary school children putting on a Nativity play. The actors also appear as the kids' parents at the post-show gathering. In 'Fast Freddie, the Widow and Me' (2011), after being charged with drink driving, the wealthy Jonathan Donald (Laurence Fox) is sentenced to 100 hours community service at The Moonbeam Club which helps troubled youths. He is initially unenthusiastic about the work but then he meets and befriends Freddie Copeland (Jack McMullen), a terminally ill 20-year-old who is about to celebrate his last Christmas. To make Christmas extra special for Freddie, Jonathan tries to arrange a meeting between him and his biological mother but she is unwilling to get involved with her son. Instead Jonathan, with the help of a few friends, organises a fake family for Freddie, hoping to give the young man the best Christmas he could have wished for. In 'Lost Christmas' (2011) ten-year-old Goose (Larry Mills) hides his fireman father's car keys to prevent him going to work on Christmas Eve. Instead, his mother drives his dad to work but the delay caused by Goose has tragic results - his parents are killed in a car accident and others, unbeknown to the boy, also suffer the consequences. A year later Goose is now an orphan and a petty thief. When mysterious, seemingly amnesiac stranger Anthony (Eddie Izzard) arrives, he appears to have a gift which enables him to find what each person has lost but can he really fix the damage caused by Goose's mistake?