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Titles Comprise: Rectuma: Gross out comedy about Waldo Williams who on returning from a holiday in Tijuana finds that he has been infected by the Mexican Butthumping Bullfrog causing him plenty of pain and a whole lot more gas. After visiting a scientist Waldo finds that his backside has started glowing green with radiation and it's not long before his rear end takes on a life of its own detaching itself from the rest of his body to go on a killing spree leaving tracks wherever it goes and incriminating Waldo in the murders. But being framed as a murderer is the least... of Waldo's problems as his rear grows Godzilla-big and wages all out war against Los Angeles! The Vampire Night Orgy: A bus breaks down in the Transylvanian mountains leaving a group of travellers stranded in a lonely village. At first everything appears normal but soon things are not what they seem. Just who is the beautiful enigmatic countess and what was the meat served up for the evening meal? Why does no-one want the travellers to leave? Murder In A Blue World: Low-budget Spanish sci-fi thriller set in a dystopian future world where gangs of depraved sadists roam the streets forcing honest citizens to stay behind locked doors. The government tries to fight back by conducting sinister mind-control experiments but as the violence rages a mysterious nurse appears and seems to offer salvation to those condemned to die. Dubbed English version. The Coming Of Sin: When Triana a wild gypsy orphan comes to stay with the beautiful but lonely Lorna the pair of them soon embark upon a passionate affair. But Triana has many secrets and is plagued by dark fantasies (expressed in a series of shockingly surreal dream sequences) which cause the relationship to develop in a bizarre and unpredictable fashion. Directed by Jose Ramon Larraz the man behind the cult classic Vampyres. [show more]

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14 February 2011
HB Films 
360 minutes 
Box set, PAL 
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