Coupling - Complete Series 1-4 Box Set (Special Collectors Edition) DVD


Two's Company. Three's a crowd. So what do you do with six? Who do you know who is over thirty sort-of-single and has a satisfying regular sex-life? Anyone? Being single isn't easy. But at least you've got your friends. But what happens when one of your friends falls in love with one of your friends' friends? This funny up-front series about love and lust amongst thirtysomethings centres around Susan and Steve - two lively sexy funny people who get together and start going out. Featuring series 1 to 4 of the hit BBC sitcom!

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16 August 2004
2 Entertain Video 
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The popular BBC comedy COUPLING is included here in its entirety. The naughty, outrageously funny show follows the adventures of Steve (Jack Davenport), Jane (Gina Bellman), Susan (Sarah Alexander), Sally (Kate Isitt), Jeff (Richard Coyle), and in later seasons, Ben (Patrick Maitland) -- all in various states of relationships -- as they get caught in hilarious and often embarrassing situations.

Complete collection of this popular television series about a group of six friends - three men and three women - and the ups and downs they encounter playing the 21st century dating game. The first series' episodes include: 'Flushes', 'Size Matters', 'Sex, Death and Nudity', 'Inferno', 'The Girl with Two Breasts' and 'The Cupboard of Patrick's Love'. The second series' episodes include: 'The Man with Two Legs', 'My Dinner in Hell', 'Her Best Friend's Bottom', 'The Melty Man Cometh', 'Jane and the Truth Snake', 'Gotcha', 'Dressed' and 'The End of the Line'. Episodes from the third series include: 'Split', 'Faithless', 'Unconditional Sex', 'Remember This', 'The Freckle, the Key and the Couple Who Weren't', 'The Girl with One Heart' and 'Perhaps, Perhaps, Perhaps'. Whilst the fourth series includes the episodes: 'Nine and a Half Minutes', 'Night Lines', 'Bed Time', 'Circus of the Epidurals', 'The Naked Living Room' and 'Nine and a Half Months'.

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