Cowboys - The Complete Series 2 DVD


If your kitchen should need repainting or your bathroom require renovation, you certainly wouldn't want to hire a highly dubious firm of contractors going by the name of Joe Jones Limited. Geyser, Wobbly Ron and Eric work for Joe because no-one else will employ them. And Joe has to employ Geyser, Wobbly Ron and Eric because no-one else will work for him...Oscar-winning scriptwriter and actor Colin Welland is aptly named plumber Geyser, David Kelly (Robin s Nest) is his terminally confused co-worker, and Roy Kinnear is the boss entirely unburdened by a conscience in... this wickedly funny early '80s sitcom penned by Surgical Spirit creator Peter Learmouth. Series Two sees the hapless builders tackling cash flow problems, dodging the tax man, attempting to re-point a vertiginously placed 'curved wall', and causing mayhem in an operating theatre... [show more]

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17 April 2019
175 minutes 
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The second series of the 1980s comedy about the exploits of a group of cowboy builders. Follow the antics of Geyser (Colin Welland), Wobbly Ron (David Kelly) and Eric (James Wardroper) as they leave a trail of dodgy kitchens and botched bathrooms in their wake, overseen by their unscrupulous boss, Joe Jones (Roy Kinnear). In this series, the builders attempt to ease cash flow problems by evading tax, try their very best to straighten out a curved wall and bring their chaotic skills to bear on the delicate and precise environment of an operating theatre. Episodes comprise: 'Was It Eddie Croucher?', 'On Top of Old Smokey', 'Bell, Book and Candle', 'Hurricane Leslie' and 'Pieces of Hate'.