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Remembrance of the Daleks" was the final Doctor Who story to feature the titular mutant cyborgs, and is a particularly notable adventure for the way it ties the plot into the very first story, "An Unearthly Child" made 25 years before. It is 1963, and the Seventh Doctor, Sylvester McCoy arrives in London with new companion Ace (Sophie Aldred), where two Dalek factions are engaged in a deadly search for the Hand of Omega. Ace quickly proves herself a dab-hand with high explosives, and while there are references to the history of the show, including some nice in-jokes,... the drama is played much straighter than in McCoy's first season as the time traveller. This is Doctor Who with a decent budget; the period setting is surprisingly lavish and there are some fairly intense action sequences. The Daleks remain as menacing as ever, the plotting has an intriguing air of mystery, and McCoy injects some steel into his characterisation. Aldred serves an ace as a heroine with attitude, (very much post-Sarah Connor from The Terminator), and if this really does prove to be the Dalek's swansong, at least they go out with a bang. On the DVD: Sylvester McCoy and Sophie Aldred provide a warm and friendly commentary track, which also offers optional subtitles. The audio possibilities continue with an isolated music track, though the sound is Pro-Logic stereo, not the stated Dolby Digital. There are trailers for two episodes, a collection of out-takes, 13 deleted or extended scenes, and the raw footage from two different camera angles for two major scenes. Optional on-screen production notes complete a package which, with animated menus and very good 4:3 picture quality puts many Hollywood releases to shame.--Gary S. Dalkin [show more]

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26 February 2001
93 minutes 
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