Doctor Who - The Invasion (2 Disc Set) DVD


Patrick Troughton's Doctor encounters the Cybermen in London in this classic adventure narrated by Frazer Hines. Arriving on Earth in 1975 the Doctor Jamie and Zoe discover that the component manufacturers International Electromagnetics has a vice-like grip on the world's technology. When he encounters the firm's company director the Doctor realises that there is something very odd about Tobias Vaughan... Vaughan is in fact in alliance with the Cybermen and together they are masterminding an aggressive invasion of Earth. If the Doctor and his friends are to defeat... them they must risk life and limb in an adventure of epic proportions. [show more]

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06 November 2006
2 Entertain Video 
200 minutes 
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  • Doctor Who - The Invasion (2 Disc Set)
    Damian Shorten

    This classic Cyberman story is widely considered to be the best. Many believe this is the best showcase of Patrick Troughton's acting talent and one of the best stories of his era. It was also one of the most influential stories of Doctor Who, as it acted as a template for the Jon Pertwee era by introducing U.n.i.t. Like many of the early stories episodes were destroyed as tapes were expensive. Thankfully the two episodes that are missing has been reproduced with striking black and white animation. This may be as complete the story we are likely to get. The extras are excellent and cover all areas of the production. All this combined with great performances makes a great package which is essential for fans.

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Episodes 1 and 4 of this adventure are missing from the BBC archives, and so Nicholas Courtney (the Brigadier) fills in the narrative. The Doctor (Patrick Troughton), Jamie and Zoe arrive in late 20th century London to discover that something fishy is going on at Tobias Vaughan's electronics factory. A scientist has gone missing, and Brigadier Lethbridge-Stewart and the newly formed UNIT are on the case. What does Vaughan produce in his factory, and who are the creatures he speaks to through that revolving whirring device in his office cupboard? It can only be the Cybermen, out to invade the Earth and convert humankind. Resistance is useless, but the Doctor and UNIT will have a go anyway.

Having arrived in 1975, The Doctor (Patrick Trouton) and his assistants discover that sinister things are afoot at an electrical conglomerate; a company that managed to monopolise the entire world market. Furthermore, the shadowy CEO of the company is actually in league with the Cybermen and together plot a full-scale invasion of our planet. With a strategy already in motion, is it too late for the Doctor to foil the Cybermen dastardly plan?

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