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After a deadly virus ravages Scotland, a thirty-year quarantine is set in place. Yet the Reaper virus has returned and now an elite team must venture north to find a cure.

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01 September 2008
108 minutes 
  • Average Rating for Doomsday - 4 out of 5

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  • Doomsday

    Wow, from the start this is a full on hard core action movie.

    The fact it has such a strng lead charactwer that is just as good as Mad Max or Snake Pliskin , but is a woman just makes it so much more enjoyable. Dont read all the negative rubbish. The choice is yours, dont expect an oscar winning film (when did a hard core movie ever win one , think about it)Too often you feel cheated , well you wont by this .

    If there is one fault its not making enough use of Bob Hoskins , but that aside its great. Killer Virus , hard ass woman, big trucks , guns mayhem, and a fantastic car chase / race scene . This is one to own when it comes out for sure .

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Sci-fi action film from writer/director Neil Marshall ('Dog Soldiers', 'The Descent'). When the deadly 'reaper virus' hits Scotland, the decision is taken to literally wall-off the country from the rest of the British isles. This process of containment proves to be successful until, 27 years later, the virus resurfaces on the streets of London. A group of specialists led by no-nonsense copper, Captain Eden Sinclair (Rhona Mitra), is covertly dispatched into the still quarantined Scotland to seek out a cure. What they find is a nightmarish landscape torn apart by two rival factions - one led by the scientist Dr Marcus Kane (Malcolm McDowell), and the other by his son, Sol (Craig Conway) - and the one thing both factions agree on is that Sinclair and her team have to be eliminated...

After a deadly plague results in the quarantine of Scotland, a wall is built around the country preventing anyone from going in or out. Thirty years later, the British government believes everyone within the wall to be dead, but when they find signs of life and learn of the possibility of a cure, a team of specially trained agents led by Eden Sinclair (Rhona Mitra) become the first outsiders to venture inside the country since the epidemic. They discover that there are plenty of survivors who have splintered into fierce, warlike tribes, living in a lawless society where cannibalism and murder are the order of the day.