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Alex Borden is a troubled young man. After witnessing an act of shocking violence that tore his life apart as a child he has been living a haphazard existence in new York trying to maintain his sanity in a series of mundane and undemanding jobs. But he inexplicably begins experiencing bizarre hallucinations dredged up from the depths of his subconscious. His brainpower becomes hightened beyond all reason and he is wracked with agonizing migraines. Seeking help he discovers his brain is undergoing some kind of metamorphosis and that something has broken out from... deep within Alex and onto the streets of New York. As the victims of a savage inhuman killer begin mounting up all about him he must discover the truth behind these terrifying apparitions and save his friends and himself from certain death. [show more]

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25 February 2008
95 minutes 
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Gruesome horror. When 25 year old Alex Borden (Christopher Denham) has a chance encounter with a stranger, his intellect grows by leaps and bounds. But as the power of his mind grows so does the mystery of a brutal series of murders. Now, as the killer seems to set his sights on Alex, the frightened genius must use his newfound brain power to put an end to the mayhem once and for all.

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