Il Bidone DVD


Some people don't give a damn about your daughter's welfare.... Broderick Crawford takes the role of Augusto in this finely sculpted drama about an ageing con man and his two young sidekicks Roberto and Picasso who swindle the local's out of their money. But Augusto's young accomplices have dreams dreams that are far removed from the lives they lead now. Augusto however still sees his future as a petty theif swindling enough to pay for his nightlife and a better lifestyle. Little could he know though that his own existance would take an unexpected twist as he accidentally... bumps into his daughter someone he hasn't seen for some time and who he discovers is having a tough time trying to make ends meet to finish her studies. Surprisingly he finds his attitude changing as it becomes apparent that for the first time in his life his daughter needs his help and maybe he can do something for someone else! In the absence of his partners in crime he joins another group of swindlers but events turn sour and his new partners prove less than charitable toward Augusto when their money goes missing and in retribution leave him a broken and beaten man.... [show more]

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22 March 2004
Waterfall Home Ent. Int. Ltd 
92 minutes 
Black & White, PAL 
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