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In Bruges DVD


Holed up in Bruges after a difficult job two hit men (Farrell and Gleeson) begin to differ on their views of life and death as they become used to local customs.

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Irish hit men Ken (Brendon Gleeson KINGDOM OF HEAVEN) and Ray (Colin Farrell MIAMI VICE)are sent to Bruges Belgium in order to lay low after a job goes wrong but their exile turns out to be more than it first appears

Violent crime comedy directed by Academy Award-winner Martin McDonagh. After being ordered to murder a priest in London, hitmen Ray (Colin Farrell) and Ken (Brendan Gleeson) are told by their boss Harry (Ralph Fiennes) to hide out in Bruges, Belgium for a couple of weeks. Finding themselves very much outside their comfort zones, Ray and Ken are drawn into increasingly dangerous situations with locals, tourists, and a film shoot, and when Harry finds out that Ken and Ray haven't been keeping their heads down, he travels to Bruges himself to deal with the wayward pair.

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  • In Bruges
    Kashif Ahmed

    Left-field comedy drama about a pair of assassins laying low in Bruges after a hit goes wrong in London. Farrell and Gleason make an excellent double act. The humour is suitably dark and surreal, as the tone shifts from issues like redemption to a drug fuelled debate with a racist dwarf. Excellent performances all round, including Ralph Fiennes playing against type as a menacing, but devastatingly reasonable gangster. Colin Farrell also proves that given the right material, he's one of the best actors working today.

  • In Bruges
    Mike Kirkness

    A wickedly funny yet dark movie about a pair of Irish hitmen sent over to Bruges by their gangland boss to keep a low profile for a while after a 'hit' in London goes tragically wrong.
    Ken played by the bear-like Brendan Gleeson is the seasoned veteran who displays an appreciation of the finer cultural delights Bruges has to offer, on the flipside Ray (Colin Farrell)is the cocksure rookie who is desperate to leave this dull hellhole with all its culture and spends most of his time trying to drink away the boredom.
    The dialogue between the two characters is witty,crass and provides many laugh-out-loud moments.
    Ray is something of a tortured soul as we are shown the events via a flashback of the botched hit which causes him to question his morals and leaves him with feelings of immense remorse and suicidal tendencies.
    The pair have several adventures and 'run-ins' with the locals along the way including drugs,hookers,an aloof dwarf actor (Jordan Prentice) who for me stole the show!
    The other figure in all this is Harry played by a volatile Ralph Fiennes,as the duos boss .He is initially offscreen, only checking up on Ray & Ken by phone, displaying a warm ,almost tender caring nature, but then changing into a cold ruthless pyschopath in an instant.
    Harry reminded me of Ben Kingsley in the Brit gangster flick Sexy Beast,he has a chilling,menacing presence and his on screen time is towards the climax of the movie when he travels to Bruges to meet Ken & Ray to take care of business as a matter of 'honour'.
    An inspired tale which has a potent mixture of violence,drugs,profanity,guns but many funny moments and poignant scenes especially from Farrell who gives his best performance in any picture I've seen him in to date.
    If you enjoy Guy Ritchie or Tarentino gangster style flicks then In Bruges is well worth a mention in that genre.

  • In Bruges

    Such a funny film I had to see it a total of three times at the cinema.

    This has got to be Farrell's best film yet, he is funny, adorable and wins the sympathy and love of people who watch him act in this brilliantly funny and clever film.

    For those who love rude jokes that you dont know whether to cringe or laugh at; for those who love a shoot out and those who simply want to watch a film ehich has to be one of this year's most unique and entertaining films. Seriously, grab a copy and see for yourself. Farrell is a delight!

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