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Meet the Harpers... A modern outwardly functional family...engaged in constant psychological warfare! The Harper family returns for more mayhem! When a mystery man arrives asking for Janey - Susan finally discovers the identity of Kenzo's father. Roger and Abi's marriage announcement gives Susan the idea to renew her marriage vows despite protests from Ben. A death in the dentist's chair is not very good for business but as Ben discovers it isn't very good for your private life either. Michael succeeds in placing the whole family on The Weakest Link but Anne Robinson... raises more difficult questions than might have been expected! Episodes: 1. The Ego Has Landed 2. Four Affairs And A Funeral 3. Once More With Feeling 4. Dutch Art And Dutch Courage 5. Susan Of Troy 6. One Of The Boys 7. Abi Ever After 8. Breaking Up Ain't Hard To Do 9. Life Begins At Fifty [show more]

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17 April 2019
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  • My Family - Series 7
    Tom Simpson

    "Goodbye, Charlotte"

    "One of the Boys" (episode 6 of Series Seven) is my favourite episode of My Family ever and strangely, it's not really because of the comedy element.

    It may seem a bit strange to admit that when I first saw this episode, the part where Ben is defending Charlie, it brought a tear to my eye because it shows a side to Ben that we don't often see - it brings out his loving, caring side, the part where you can see why Susan fell in love with him and married him (among other things, of course), because, deep down, Ben really cares and he obviously can't stand people like Rogers mother - someone so selfish that she believes only her view of the world is correct, one where sex change isn't right.

    Every time I think of the series and what I really love about it, I think of that scene in that episode. As I'm sitting here writing this review I could easily just go and watch that episode, over and over again, and enjoy it for all sorts of reasons (same with every episode, really) but I always feel the need to rewind to that scene and watch it again, and every time I do, I smile.

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All nine episodes from Series 7 of the BBC sitcom featuring long-suffering dentist Ben Harper (Robert Lindsay), his wife Susan (Zoe Wannamaker) and their very demanding children. In this series, Ben tries hard to cover up a death in his dentist's chair, Abi and Roger's wedding day draws ever nearer (or does it?), and Michael gets jealous when Susan stays with an old flame. Episodes comprise: 'The Ego Has Landed', 'Four Affairs and a Funeral', 'Once More With Feeling', 'Dutch Art and Dutch Courage', 'Susan Of Troy', 'One Of The Boys', 'Abi Ever After', 'Breaking Up Ain't Hard To Do' and 'Life Begins At Fifty'.

My Family Complete BBC Series 7 DVD 2006 DVD (2006) Robert Lindsay

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