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Relentlessly intelligent, gloriously uninhibited and occasionally controversial, QI has engaged the brains of discerning quiz fans for over a decade, garnering no fewer than ten prestigious TV awards and multiple BAFTA nominations. Hosted by Stephen Fry and co-starring stalwart player/resident whipping boy Alan Davies, these shows feature David Mitchell, Noel Fielding, Phill Jupitus, Ross Noble, Sue Perkins, Bill Bailey, Jimmy Carr, Jeremy Clarkson, Sandi Toksvig, Jo Brand, Johnny Vegas, Jason Manford, Victoria Wood and many others joining the ranks of cleverclogs... and dunderheads sparring with the famously erudite quizmaster. Each show questions of such brain-boggling difficulty or baffling obscurity that a correct answer is a near-impossibility; instead, points are deducted for answers that are both obvious and wrong, and awarded for incorrect answers which are, nevertheless, Quite Interesting! From Knees and Knockers to Levity and Merriment, this thirteen-disc set offers an unmissable meander though the complete Series K to M . [show more]

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23 October 2017
2160 minutes 
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All the episodes from series K to M of the comedy quiz show centred around interesting, little-known information and common misconceptions. Hosted by Stephen Fry, with sidekick and team captain Alan Davies, each series uses a letter of the alphabet to produce the questions and challenges. Series K episodes are: 'Knees and Knockers', 'Kit and Kaboodle', 'K-Folk', 'Knits and Knots', 'Kings', 'Killers', 'Knowledge', 'Keys', 'Kinetic', 'Keeps', 'Kinky', 'Knights and Knaves', 'Kitchen Sink', 'Kris Kringle', 'Kitsch', 'Kaleidoscope', 'QI VG: Series K Compilation Show 1' and 'QI VG: Series K Compilation Show 2'. Series L episodes are: 'L-Animals', 'Location, Location, Location', 'Literature', 'Levity', 'Lenses', 'Liblabble', 'Lethal', 'Lovely', 'Ladies and Gents', 'Lying', 'Lumped Together', 'No-L', 'Lucky Losers', 'Little and Large', 'Long Lost', 'Landmarks', 'QI VG: Series L Compilation Show 1' and 'QI VG: Series L Compilation Show 2'. Series M episodes are: 'Medley of Maladies', 'Military Matters', 'M-Places', 'Miscellany', 'Maths', 'Marriage and Mating', 'Middle Muddle', 'Merriment', 'Messing With Your Mind', 'Meals', 'Menagerie', 'Medieval', 'Monster', 'Messy', 'Mix and Match', 'Misconceptions', 'QI VG: Series M Compilation Show 1' and 'QI VG: Series M Compilation Show 2'.