Randall And Hopkirk Deceased - Vol. 2 - All No Work And No Pay / Never Trust A Ghost DVD


It's good to have a ghost on your side in the private eye business especially in cases when an invisible ally can really turn the tide in your favour. Mike Pratt plays Jeff Randall and Kenneth Cope is his ghostly partner Marty Hopkirk cursed to wander the earth for 100 years. Episode 3 - All Work and No Pay: Poor Jean is plagued by a poltergeist. She is convinced that it is Marty's ghost trying to get in touch with her and suspicious spiritualists the Foster Brothers to try to establish contact. Episode 4 - Never Trust a Ghost: Wandering the streets of London one night... Marty witnesses a man Howarth being shot dead in his home. Jeff summons the police but Howarth appears alive and well... Marty however is unconvinced. Episode 5 - That's How Murder Snowballs: A Russian roulette act at a music hall goes horribly wrong when the mind reader is shot dead in front of the audience including Jeff and Marty! Special Guest Star: David Jason. Episode 6 - Just For The Record: Jeff and Jean act as escorts at an international beauty contest. During a sightseeing tour Marty's suspicions are aroused by Miss London's odd behaviour. [show more]

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12 February 2001
Carlton Visual Entertainment Ltd 
195 minutes 
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