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Brad Pitt and Morgan Freeman star in this sinister and gripping mystery-thriller about a pair of homicide detectives who must solve a puzzling series of horrific murders based on the seven deadly sins - Gluttony Greed Sloth Pride Lust Envy and Wrath. A powerful and unforgettable film Seven reveals the dark and disturbing underworld in which evil stalks...

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17 April 2019
Warner Home Video 
122 minutes 
  • Average Rating for Seven - 4 out of 5

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  • Seven
    Gary Dicks

    Having just watched this film again for (at least) the seventh time, I can vow that 'Seven' is a film that everyone over the age of 18 and without serious mental health issues should see. It is intelligent, thrilling and poignant. It can be watched and thoroughly enjoyed without thinking further than it just being a film, but if you so wanted to delve deeper the substance is there. And, surprisingly to some, that substance does not come from attacking The Bible or any other kind of mythology. It comes in the form of a spine-tinglingly clinical view of society today because we do see a sin broken on every street corner but we ignore it.

    However, despite this, 'Seven' is far from pretentious and bombastic. It is simply superb.

    Seven stars.

  • Seven
    Gary Dicks

    Everyone involved in the making of 'Se7en' should be very proud. I would be. I am also quite jealous of the writer's talent. However, his is far from the only talent shown in this film.
    The main cast is one of a blockbuster, yet the outcome is a cult classic. This indicates to me that their lust to make quality cinema surpassed their greed for just getting a gluttonous pay cheque.
    Despite its two hour timespan, the plot is never lazy. The film is driven by the infamous dogma of seven deadly sins, hence its title, though it is not always the focus. Unlike many thrillers, the overall evil is not forced to be prominent at all times, as each of the main characters have their own plight to deal with and this often drives the film as much as the ingenious and possibly disturbing murders, which makes for a much deeper cinematic experience.
    'Se7en' is truly a cinematic treat for any fan of psychological thrillers but this is much more than just a psychological thriller. It has layers that will allow watch after watch but to tell more about them would be to incur the reader's wrath by spoiling such a sinister but beautiful film. Seven stars: definitely in my top 7 of all time.

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Please note this is a region 2 DVD and will require a region 2 or region free DVD play in order to play. A retiring cop and his replacement track a psychotic killer who's using the seven deadly sins as a guide. Starring Brad Pitt, Morgan Freeman and Gwyneth Paltrow.

Homicide detective William Somerset (Morgan Freeman) has just seven days left to retirement when he is paired with his brash replacement David Mills (Brad Pitt). The pair investigate the murder of a man who has been force-fed until he burst, then that of a rich lawyer made to cut a pound of flesh from his own body and consequently bled to death. The fact that the word 'greed' is written in blood on the carpet leads Somerset to speculate that they are dealing with a serial killer who is using the seven deadly sins as a blueprint.