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A contemporary take on the classic Arthur Conan Doyle stories Sherlock is a thrilling funny fast-paced adventure series set in present-day London.

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17 April 2019
266 minutes 
Anamorphic, Colour, PAL, Widescreen 
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  • Sherlock
    David Bedwell

    I have to be honest - my original thought before watching 'Sherlock' was simply 'oh great, how unoriginal!' as I was naive enough to believe this was simply going to be another rehash of a familiar tale. I can say, hand on heart, that I was completely and utterly wrong.

    What Steven Moffat (stretching his legs outside of the Doctor Who universe) managed to give us was nothing short of an exceptional, compelling and intriguing twist on a time old tale. Many around the world are familiar with the tales of Sherlock Holmes from Arthur Conan Doyle, not even considering the latest movie version with Robert Downey Junior. So to succeed, Moffat knew he had to do something pretty special.

    Benedict Cumberbatch manages to play Holmes with both eccentricity and enthusiasm, never veering too far from the intelligent and calculating mind we are all familiar with, yet bringing him right into the present. This gives the audience an opportunity to relate to a character that may well be beyond them in sheer thought process, but now exists in a time they understand. There are nods to the tradition of the original stories, and the relationship between Holmes and Watson (Martin Freeman) feels as familiar as anything, yet there's a completely fresh and rejuvinated feel to the entire series.

    Both critically accliamed and adored by audiences, 'Sherlock' manages to tread that fine line between fact and fiction. To see detective stories on a more human level is fascinating, and really pulls the audience in. No longer are we simply witness to an era long gone, but living in the middle of a world where Holmes is thriving. You can tell that Moffatt is having fun with the script, both as a talented writer and clear fan of the source material. He understands the intricate nature of challenging the viewers without alienating them, and providing answers while leaving just a little room for one more question to keep us coming back.

    A stellar British cast supports the main characters, with a few familiar faces popping up in the streets. The show really is driven by Cumberbatch however, as it has to be. We know Holmes is the star of the show, and he gets just enough time to deliver on that without overwhelming us. It's a very subtle performance that relies just as much on the writing as it does the talent of the actor. No one can underestimate the importance of such a strong script, especially with complex stories such as these.

    The only disappointment is that there are only three 90-minute episodes in this first series. The good news is that 'Sherlock' has been renewed for a second series, and we have far more to look forward to. For those new viewers, go into this with an open mind and enjoy every second of it. Simply one of the best pieces of UK television in the last few years.

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Please note this is a region 2 DVD and will require a region 2 (Europe) or region Free DVD Player in order to play Sir Arthur Conan Doyle&39;s most famous creation is given an altogether naughties twist in SHERLOCK Martin Freeman (THE OFFICE) stars as John Watson a wounded veteran of the war in Afghanistan Back home in London friendless and alone Watson&39;s path soon crosses with that of brilliant detective Sherlock Holmes (Benedict Cumberbatch u FOUR LIONS) and adventure and mystery soon follow

All three episodes from the first series of the BBC's fast-paced modernised crime drama based on the characters created by Arthur Conan Doyle. Laptops, mobile phones and the internet are the new tools for crime in a modern London under threat from serial killers, bombings and gang warfare. Sherlock Holmes (Benedict Cumberbatch), the most brilliant intellect of his generation, has a unique analytical brain unlike anyone else's, and staves off the ever-present threat of boredom by solving crimes, the more intricate and baffling the better. Meanwhile, his friend and flatmate John Watson (Martin Freeman) is an army doctor invalided home from the battlefields of Afghanistan. Rupert Graves, Una Stubbs and Zoë Telford co-star. The episodes are: 'A Study in Pink', 'The Blind Banker' and 'The Great Game'.

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