Sick Note Series 2 (starring Nick Frost & Rupert Grint) DVD


Daniel (Rupert Grint) was in a dead end job and lost the girl of his dreams until he was misdiagnosed with cancer, a mistake which gave him a new zeal for life renewed. His colleagues are nicer to him and his girlfriend takes him back the only issue being the lie is getting out of hand and Daniel and his incompetent Dr. Iain Glennis (Nick Frost) are fast becoming out of their depth. Daniel and Dr Glennis's lies keep threatening to catch them out when Will_5000 (an online gamer friend of Daniel) shows up as an unwelcome house guest and begins blackmailing them for... money. And ill-advised trip to a drug dealer called Shank to sell Daniel's unused cancer medication leads to a number of mix-ups that end with Shank after their blood. Dr Glennis is repeatedly forced to go undercover to save his and Daniel's bacon, whether it's as a pest exterminator to steal incriminating footage from a nosy neighbour, or as Daniel's dad so they can break into his car and steal back their drugs money under the nose of the police force. Both he and Daniel will be moments from death from the sword of a furious drug dealer. Can they lie their way out of this one? [show more]

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17 February 2020
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52 minutes 
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