Skins - Complete Series 1-7 DVD


The complete series of the multi-BAFTA award-winning drama Skins. Follow the chaotic lives and loves of three generations of college students as they grab life by the balls and live it to the max. Join the rollercoaster as their teen lives mix with the madness of the adult world around them. This ground-breaking series stars some of the UK's finest young acting talent: Dev Patel (Slumdog Millionaire) Kaya Scodelario (Wuthering Heights) Nicholas Hoult (X-Men) Jack O'Connell (Harry Brown) Hannah Murray (Game of Thrones) and Luke Pasqualino (The Borgias).

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12 August 2013
Channel 4 DVD 
2806 minutes 
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Please note this is a region 2 DVD and will require a region 2 (Europe) or region Free DVD Player in order to play SKINS follows the story of a group of British teens who are just starting college With questionable parenting and a complete lack of authority figures where will they end up in their lives as they experience the highs and lows of adolescence? Includes the complete first to seventh series All episodes from every series of the drama following the chaotic lives and loves of a group of hard-partying teens Series 1 episodes are &39;Tony&39; &39;Cassie&39; &39;Jal&39; &39;Chris&39; &39;Sid&39; &39;Maxxie and Anwar&39; &39;Michelle&39; &39;Effy&39; and &39;Everyone&39; Series 2 episodes are &39;Tony and Maxxie&39; &39;Sketch&39; &39;Sid&39; &39;Michelle&39; &39;Chris&39; &39;Tony&39; &39;Effy&39; &39;Jal&39; &39;Cassie&39; and &39;Final Goodbyes&39; Series 3 episodes are &39;Everyone&39; &39;Cook&39; &39;Thomas&39; &39;Pandora&39; &39;Freddie&39; &39;Naomi&39; &39;JJ&39; &39;Effy&39; &39;Katie and Emily&39; and &39;Finale&39; Series 4 episodes are &39;Thomas&39; &39;Emily&39; &39;Cook&39; &39;Katie&39; &39;Freddie&39; &39;JJ&39; &39;Effy&39; and &39;Everyone&39; Series 5 episodes are &39;Franky&39; &39;Rich&39; &39;Mini&39; &39;Liv&39; &39;Nick&39; &39;Alo&39; &39;Grace&39; and &39;Everyone&39; Series 6 episodes are &39;Everyone&39; &39;Rich&39; &39;Alex&39; &39;Franky&39; &39;Mini&39; &39;Nick&39; &39;Alo&39; &39;Liv&39; &39;Mini and Franky&39; and &39;Finale&39; Series 7 episodes are &39;Fire Part 1&39; &39;Fire Part 2&39; &39;Pure Part 1&39; &39;Pure Part 2&39; &39;Rise Part 1&39; and &39;Rise Part 2&39;

All episodes from every series of the drama following the chaotic lives and loves of a group of hard-partying teens. Series 1 episodes are: 'Tony', 'Cassie', 'Jal', 'Chris', 'Sid', 'Maxxie and Anwar', 'Michelle', 'Effy' and 'Everyone'. Series 2 episodes are: 'Tony and Maxxie', 'Sketch', 'Sid', 'Michelle', 'Chris', 'Tony', 'Effy', 'Jal', 'Cassie' and 'Final Goodbyes'. Series 3 episodes are: 'Everyone', 'Cook', 'Thomas', 'Pandora', 'Freddie', 'Naomi', 'JJ', 'Effy', 'Katie and Emily' and 'Finale'. Series 4 episodes are: 'Thomas', 'Emily', 'Cook', 'Katie', 'Freddie', 'JJ', 'Effy' and 'Everyone'. Series 5 episodes are: 'Franky', 'Rich', 'Mini', 'Liv', 'Nick', 'Alo', 'Grace' and 'Everyone'. Series 6 episodes are: 'Everyone', 'Rich', 'Alex', 'Franky', 'Mini', 'Nick', 'Alo', 'Liv', 'Mini and Franky' and 'Finale'. Series 7 episodes are: 'Fire: Part 1', 'Fire: Part 2', 'Pure: Part 1', 'Pure: Part 2', 'Rise: Part 1' and 'Rise: Part 2'.