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Would you know the colour 'sky blue' if you had never seen the sky in your life? Sky Blue is a love story set against the forces of destruction a dystopian vision of Earth's destiny yet ultimately a reminder of our hope for the future. In the year 2140 mankind's reckless exploitation of the environment has sparked a planet-wide catastrophe that has shielded the sun from view and all but ended human civilisation on earth. Only a small number of elites possessing power and technology have been able to thrive building a magnificent organic city named Ecoban. Ecoban the... city grows by itself like a living plant utilizing its Delos System to transform carbon compounds into useable energy. Jay is a 19 year old female trooper of Ecoban who guards the city against the incursions of outsiders. Thousands of refugees have come to Ecoban seeking asylum but the elites have barred their entry to the city and forced them to settle in the surrounding Wasteland. The refugees have become Ecoban's workers known as the 'Diggers' forced to mine the Wasteland for the carbonite needed to feed Ecoban. On patrol in the Wasteland one day Jay witnesses a gigantic industrial accident orchestrated by Ecoban's corrupt leaders against the refugees. Upon seeing this act of cruelty Jay's loyalty is put to the test. When she then encounters her childhood sweetheart Shua leading a rebellion against Ecoban Jay must make the ultimate choice - whether to live for duty or very possibly die for love. Shua goes to warn a group of Digger freedom fighters that his incursion into Ecoban may lead to retaliatory strikes by Ecoban. Despite Shua's warnings the rebels put their plan into action - but it turns out to be a deadly trap that leads the Ecoban troops to the headquarters of the resistance. Later that night Jay flees Ecoban to be with Shua. Joining forces in rebellion Jay and Shua risk their own chance at happiness for the chance that the clouds may clear and the people of Earth might see the blue sky for the first time in their lives. With a production cost estimated at 10 million dollars Sky Blue is the most expensive animated film ever made in Korea and has been the focus of intense debates among animation fans. Director Kim Moon-saeng a veteran of the CF industry and responsible for more than 200 TV commercials spent close to seven years in conceiving and producing this futuristic extravaganza and employed many hundreds of Korea's leading animation artists and technicians. [show more]

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23 June 2008
Tartan Video 
82 minutes 
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Korean animated feature. In a post-apocalyptic world, where Earth's ecosystem has been fatally disrupted by spiralling pollution, a select few live in the paradise city of Ecoban, while the rest of the population live under bleak, grey skies. When Ecoban security officer Jay (voice of Cathy Cavadini) begins to suspect the injustice of this, she finds out that her old friend Shua (Marc Worden) is planning a secret insurrection, and together they plan an attack on Ecoban's main power system.

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