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Snap: Beaver Bras hand a young executive a cheque for 100 000 dollars to sign up five famous and well-endowed women to model their lingerie... This raunchy adult comedy follows the adventures of this lucky young man as he peruses five very different but similarly endowed beautiful young ladies around the world to get them to sign on the dotted line. R.S.P.V. An expose book launch turns into a wild Hollywood party where the hosts attempt to conceal the death of a guest whose untimely end is caused by a popular erotic stimulus... Nice Girls Don't Explode: Take the... psychotic mother-daughter team from 'Carrie'. Add the 'fire girl' premise of 'Firestarter'. Mix in a generous helping of racy irreverent comedy and you get a towering inferno of fun called 'Nice Girls Don't Explode'. Barbara Harris plays Mom a domestic tyrant who makes Joan Crawford seem rather permissive. After seeing an ad for a movie called 'Fire Girl' Mom devises an elaborate scheme to shield daughter April from men and sex. She decides to fight fire with fire. April's date with Ken is an utter disaster. His advances cause April's heartbeat to rise resulting in several spontaneous combustions. Even a simple good night kiss leaves Ken's Corvette a charred wreck. Enter Andy April's old flame. He's eighteen and still has the hots for his childhood playmate. Naturally April avoids him not wanting to cause a meltdown. Over the remains of Andy's Buick April explains her unique condition. Andy is understandbly sceptical and after hearing Mom's explanation - that April has a split personality - he takes April to a mental hospital. But that isn't the real problem... [show more]

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06 May 2006
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