Space: 1999 - Series 2 - Vol. 6 DVD


Dorzak: A spaceship lands on the moon. A beautiful young woman emerges from inside seeking medical attention for a colleague who was injured by a criminal that they had captured. The criminal turns out to be a man from Maya's home planet Psychon named Dorzac and persuades Maya that he was not responsible for the injury signalling the start of the troubles to come. Devil's Planet: Answering a distress signal Koenig and Blake Maine go to Entra. The first thing they see is a man being chased by three beautiful girls carrying long electric whips! Maine is killed and then... Koenig imprisoned. Can he escape? The Immunity Syndrome: On a seemingly inhabitable planet a series of misfortunes befall Alpha's advance party. Tony Verdeschi is rendered insane by a piercing sound. The metal in the Eagle corrodes and the craft starts to fall apart. Two Alphans die after drinking spring water. Then a skeleton is found inside a geodetic structure with a video beside it explaining how any future visitors might survive. The Dorcons: A huge alien Dorcon ship materialises nearby. When the three leaders demand Maya be sent to them Koenig refuses. A leader comes aboard the spaceship and takes Maya and Alpha by force. But Koenig manages to come along too and using the power struggle between the three leaders tries to rescue Maya. [show more]

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12 November 2001
Carlton Visual Entertainment Ltd 
200 minutes 
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