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Spider-Man returns to battle a host of new baddies in the third adventure based on the popular comic book hero.

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15 October 2007
Sony Pictures Home Ent. UK 
136 minutes 
  • Average Rating for Spider-Man 3 - 2 out of 5

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  • Spider-Man 3
    darren wilson

    Spider-man 3 is a great film as it manages to complete both of the films into this one film. But it has it faults as it tries to do to much in one film with three villans new goblin,sandman and venom. But the film was very enjoyable which let me forget all about that and the last 10 mins made up for the whole film.

  • Spider-Man 3

    After watching spiderman 3 at the cinema i was sad to leave the parking lot of the vue cinema for it has got to have been one of the best films i've ever seen for years. Full of non-stop action but enough to make sure that little kids who enjoy spiderman can also see it even though its a 12's plus (don't pay any attention too the rating of this film it's good for about 7's up), it's also so got a brill story line to it aswell, but there's enough of both to keep you happy.

    Overall i think it's a must have film and you'd be a villian not to buy it.

  • Spider-Man 3
    Kashif Ahmed

    Riding high on the triumph that was 'Spiderman 2', director Sam Raimi takes the helm once more in the unimaginatively titled, though chronologically inevitable; 'Spiderman 3'. Toby Maguire returns in fine form as put upon news photographer Peter Parker a.k.a. 'Your Friendly Neighbourhood Spiderman' whilst Kristen Dunst looks visibly bored in her third outing as jobbing ginger actress Mary Jane Watson. Now things just ain't what they used to be for ol' webhead, sure he beat the odds; settled down with the girl-of-his-dreams and even managed to boost his alter ego's ever fluctuating popularity. But Spidey's harbouring doubts about how he avenged the murder of his Uncle Ben two films ago, a feeling that manifests itself in the form of tough ex-con, though ultimately sympathetic, granular super villain Sandman ('Sideways' Thomas Haden Church). And if that wasn't enough; best friend Harry Osborne (yet another understated, excellent performance from James Franco) becomes the Hobgoblin; hatching a convoluted, dastardly scheme to break / assassinate Spiderman in perceived revenge for the death of his father, oh, and an alien symbiotic entity crashes to Earth, brings out Spiderman's dark side before attaching itself to Peter's sniping, smarmy rival at 'The Daily Bugle'; Eddie Brock (good comedic madman turn by 'Traffic' actor Topher Grace) to spawn iconic Modern Age super villain: Venom. Successfully managing to counterbalance its predecessor's mega-happy ending, 'Spiderman 3', and the entire trilogy for that matter, deserves a lot of credit for the way in which it managed to create a sense of realism & ambiguity; narrative factors often absent from the vast majority of movies about guys in capes or costumes. I think some of the main reasons people found it difficult to engage with this picture as easily as they did the first and second was the length (a head spinning 140 minutes), an overabundance of characters / scenes (e.g. Mary Jane's musical number) and the fact that 'Spiderman 3' is, like the 'X-Men' saga before it, so commendably complex in its character development that if you think about it; there aren't actually any villains at all. Which, coupled with the aforementioned, makes for a demanding, and perhaps even exhausting, viewing experience. I would've liked to have seen more of Venom, or left Sandman for another time in favour of Dr Curt Conner's (Dylan Baker) long awaited metamorphosis to The Lizard, Bryce Dallas Howard worked well in her few scenes as Gwen Stacey, Stan Lee makes another memorable cameo (though not as funny as Hal Sparks elevator scene in 'Spiderman 2') whilst J.K. Simmons was born to play Jonah J. Jameson and continues to provide the laughs anytime he's onscreen. The Grecian dynamic between Peter and Harry is shown to be much deeper than their love for Mary Jane, but that both characters are interchangeable: natural allies and enemies only though a cruel twist of fate, masked behind their respective mendacities; alter egos that have bled so deeply into their personal lives that neither man can hope to escape them, or continue on the path of an unending vendetta against society. 'Spiderman 3' is essentially a film about the struggle for equilibrium and self control, for Willem Dafoe's Norman 'Green Goblin' Osborne wasn't entirely wrong when he told a dazed Spiderman about how the world would go on to treat him. Having broken box-office records (sinking 'Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man's Chest'), it's obvious that we haven't seen the last of the wisecracking webslinger, and though Tobey Maguire would be killing a golden goose to quit ('SeaBiscuit 2' anyone?) it'd be interesting to see the likes of Jake Gyllenhaal or Joseph Gordon Levitt have a go. Overall, 'Spiderman 3' is a flawed but fascinating film, very entertaining in spite of its epic length / overindulgence and though not quite on a par with 'Spiderman 2' and lacking the pace of the trim original, makes for a worthy addition to an excellent, well made series. I only hope they handle any future films with the same care & attention-to-detail as they did the first three, after all: "With great Power Comes Great Responsibility".

  • Spider-Man 3
    Oscar David Huckle

    Spider Man 3 has finally been released. And is it good? No. Tobey Maguire should stop being Spidey. People expect Spidey after Spidey. Soon after a while, it will get so bad that people will never ever want to see this again. I hope it happens in 4. It is too long and too depressing. Mwa Mwa Mwa! Forget about this movie when it's released.

  • Spider-Man 3
    Kevin Stanley

    In the third instalment of Spider-Man our friendly neighbour web-slinger is a little less friendly and a lot darker than before. When he gets involved with some extra-terrestrial goo that has landed on Earth on a meteor Spidey (Tobey Maguire) is overtaken by a force that enhances the victim"s evil side. The amazing Spierman turns into the fantastic jerk and he gets no sympathy from his girlfriend, MJ (Kirsten Dunst) either.

    Also back on form and looking to crush Spiderman is son of the Green Goblin (and Peter Parker"s ex best pal) Harry Osbourn (James Franco). But after a super high-flying fight with Spidey Osbourn suffers memory loss and doesn"t do much until the end of the film when he has to make a decision to team up with Spidey or team up against him.

    New villains come in the transient form of the Sandman (Thomas Haden Church), who honestly is a bit of a rubbish villain, and the uber-nasty Venom (Topher Grace) another victim of the space-goo and a former rival photographer at the Daily Bugle.

    Comfortable with their roles the cast of Macguire, Dunst and Franco are faultless and all able to bring warmth and humanity to their characters. But that doesn"t stop J.K. Simmons stealing every scene that he appears in as Daily Bugle editor J. Jonah Jameson or Bryce Dallas Howard from stunning audiences with a very different (sexier than in The Village) blonde-bombshell look as Peter Parker"s (other) love-interest Gwen Stacey.

    There"s emotion, action and humour in equal measure which makes Spiderman 3 an enjoyable and exciting film that"s easy to like and a little different to the first two films. Sam Raimi"s direction is as tight as ever; fast-paced and well edited with action that rarely slows down.

  • Spider-Man 3
    Leon Finch

    There's a theory that the more bad guys you put in a super hero film, the worse that film becomes: Spider-Man 3 is a case in point (but also see Batman Forever, X-Men 3, hopefully not the Dark Knight though...).
    Having been raised on a diet of Spider-Man, Iron Man and Incredible Hulk comics, I should be happy as a little lamb with all the money being thrown towards these Marvel marvels, but it's turning out to be more like kicking me in the memory nuts rather than a 3D celebration of those memories.
    I like Sam Raimi - big fan of the Evil Dead, Spideys 1&2, heck, I'll even big up Darkman - but he has bitten off more than he can chew here, and worse still, shown precious little regard for a classy (if not classic) super villain.
    Once again, the film spends toooo much time inbetween the action - I dont mind this kinda stuff, but it's the same film after film - yawn.
    The action itself is ok, but Sandman never looks quite right and the symbiote costume makes Spidey look too CGI'd.
    Unlike most, I dont mind the comedy elements of the franchise and Raimi certainly pushes the limits here with Parker's 'emo' phase almost beyond parody.
    But why include one of Spidey's all time great foes (VENOM) if it is clear you intend to do absolutely nothing with him? A total waste, as the franchise begins to nose downwards...

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Three years on from the previous blockbuster, Marvel comic book character Spider-Man returns in his latest adventure. Peter Parker (Tobey Maguire) and his girl Mary-Jane (Kirsten Dunst) are on the cusp of contentment - but not for long. His ex-friend Harry (James Franco), son of the Green Goblin of the first film, becomes the New Goblin in his desire for revenge against Spider-Man. Fugitive Flint Marko (Thomas Haden Church), killer of Peter's Uncle Ben, has been transformed into the shape-shifting Sandman, possibly Spider-Man's toughest foe so far. To complicate matters further, a parasitic alien symbiote has attached itself to Peter's suit, giving him even greater powers but also bringing out the evil side of his personality. He has to struggle not only against two major adversaries but also against himself.

Please note this is a region 2 DVD and will require a region 2 (Europe) or region Free DVD Player in order to play Three years on from the previous blockbuster Marvel comic book character Spider-Man returns in his latest adventure Peter Parker (Tobey Maguire) and his girl Mary-Jane (Kirsten Dunst) are on the cusp of contentment - but not for long His ex-friend Harry (James Franco) son of the Green Goblin of the first film becomes the New Goblin in his desire for revenge against Spider-Man Fugitive Flint Marko (Thomas Haden Church) killer of Peter&39;s Uncle Ben has been transformed into the shape-shifting Sandman possibly Spider-Man&39;s toughest foe so far To complicate matters further a parasitic alien symbiote has attached itself to Peter&39;s suit giving him even greater powers but also bringing out the evil side of his personality He has to struggle not only against two major adversaries but also against himself