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Love and friendship flourishes in this Pedro Almodavar Oscar nominated romance.

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24 February 2003
Pathe Distribution Ltd 
108 minutes 
PAL, Subtitled, Widescreen 
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  • Talk To Her [2002]
    Edward Howard

    Pedro Almodóvar's Talk To Her delicately handles some potentially very creepy and bizarre subject matter in order to create some genuine sympathy for its pair of unlikely heroes. The story focuses around Benigno (Javier Cámara), a hospital orderly who is obsessed with the ballet dancer Alicia (Leonor Watling), who practices at the studio across the street from his apartment. When Alicia gets in a car accident and goes into a deep coma, Benigno becomes her private nurse at the hospital, caring for her with a personal touch, talking to her, massaging and bathing her daily, and continuing to indulge his unhealthy obsession for her. Meanwhile, Almodóvar weaves in the initially separate story of Marco (Dario Grandinetti), a reporter who falls in love with his latest subject, the bullfighter Lydia (Rosario Flores). The two stories converge when Lydia too succumbs to a coma, after a fight in which she is gored by a bull.

    This is a complex film, an examination of love, loneliness, and the power of memory and imagination in bridging that gap, told from a specifically masculine viewpoint. Benigno and Marco are both somewhat scarred characters, haunted by their pasts and the emotions they still carry with them.
    Almodóvar shows great care in examining the depths of both men's feelings, an especially delicate operation since Benigno winds up being a potentially very unlikeable character. But despite his actions later in the film, he remains sympathetic and entirely understandable; more sad than reprehensible. He is clearly a man damaged by his mother, with something of an incomplete view of life. His reverential and confused feelings for Alicia are best summed up by a remarkable scene in which he describes to her a silent film that he recently saw, about a man who's shrunk to tiny size by his lover. Almodovar plays the scene for equal parts kitsch and pathos, making it incredibly funny even as it provides a poignant parallel to Benigno's own life. The film as a whole retains that feeling, with different emotions mingling together like tendrils of smoke in a breeze: sadness, nostalgia, love, desire, loneliness, and sensuality.

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Please note this is a region 2 DVD and will require a region 2 (Europe) or region Free DVD Player in order to play.  After a chance encounter at a theater, two men, Benigno and Marco, meet at a private clinic where Benigno works. Lydia, Marco's girlfriend and a bullfighter by profession, has been gored and is in a coma. It so happens that Benigno is looking after another woman in a coma, Alicia, a young ballet student... TALK TO HER is a film about the joy of narration and about the word as a weapon against solitude, disease, death and madness. It is also a film about madness, about a type of madness so close to tenderness and common sense that it does not diverge from normality. Actors Javier Camara, Dario Grandinetti, Leonor Watling, Rosario Flores, Mariola Fuentes & Geraldine Chaplin Director Pedro Almodovar Certificate 15 years and over Year 2002 Screen Widescreen 2.35:1 Anamorphic Languages Spanish - Dolby Digital (5.1) Subtitles English Duration 1 hour and 47 minutes (approx)

Pedro Almodovar's tale of dance, bullfighters, love and comas. Benigno (Javier Cámara) is a housebound nurse who falls in love with a young dancer, Alicia (Leonor Watling), he sees rehearsing through his window. Marco (Darío Grandinetti) is a journalist who falls in love with a bullfighter, Lydia (Rosario Flores), after being assigned to interview her. When Alicia and Lydia are involved in separate accidents which send them both into a comas, Benigno and Marco meet at the hospital and unpredictable consequences promptly ensue.

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