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Robert Towne is one of Hollywood's most celebrated screenwriters, but because his directorial efforts have been few and far between, anticipation was high when this star-powered crime story was released in 1988. Critical reaction was decidedly mixed, but there's plenty to admire in this silky, visually seductive film about a drug dealer (Mel Gibson) whose best friend from high-school (Kurt Russell) is now working for the Los Angeles sheriff's drug detail. Their personal and professional conflicts are intensified by their love for the same woman, a waitress (Michelle... Pfeiffer) at the Italian restaurant they both frequent. There's a big deal going down with a drug lord (the late Raul Julia), but as it twists and turns, Towne's story is really more about personal loyalties and individual honour. And even if it doesn't quite hold together, the movie's got a fantastic look to it (courtesy of the great cinematographer Conrad Hall), and the three stars bring depth and dimension to their well-written roles. --Jeff Shannon [show more]

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25 September 1998
Warner Home Video 
110 minutes 
  • Average Rating for Tequila Sunrise [1989] - 4 out of 5

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  • Tequila Sunrise [1989]
    Stuart Donaldson

    This fine film is a complex story well played out,Raul Julia outdoes anyone he shares the screen with at the best of times.Kurt Russell gives a solid performance and both Michele Pfeiffer and Mel Gibson are electric together.
    In one scene Gibson evokes a creepy smile to punctuate the development of the story and a chill goes through you as you realise he is treading a fine line between good and evil.This is one of my favourites from the Eighties,strong storyline and stellar cast.
    I just bought this since my VHS is getting worn out,viewing this for the past twenty years on ration I am surprised the tape has lasted so long.

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Best friends Dale (Mel Gibson) and Nick (Kurt Russell) grow up on opposite sides of the law. Dale is a cocaine dealer, trying to go straight, and Nick is a drug-busting cop, determined to nail his friend if he insists on doing one final deal with a Mexican drug baron (Raul Julia). Michelle Pfeiffer plays the restaurant owner caught between them.

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