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This is the film "Terminator" fans have been waiting for - to witness the post apocalyptic war between the machines and the human resistance!

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23 November 2009
Sony Pictures 
115 minutes 
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  • Terminator Salvation
    Barnaby Walter

    Apparently, according to whispers that echo in the halls of giant Hollywood corporations, if you mention the words "Charlie's Angels" and "Terminator" and "What the.?" you're likely to get a large punch (or at best a strict shouting at) from a certain McG. Yes, I know, the name is stupid. Why is a forty-year-old film director calling himself McG? Surely most guys have abandoned that fictional name stuff, along with catapults, sticker books and Pokemon cards, when they leave primary school. This doesn't seem the case for the Michigan born filmmaker, the man behind the Charlie's Angels films, and all we as an audience can do is either laugh or tut at the name, depending on our age and demeanour. For the record, I tutted.

    So, back to the film. Is it any good? The answer - a resounding victorious yes. This is an absolute triumph, and certainly McG's best film to date. By pushing the Terminator story to 2018, he is given a larger scope to play with, using the oh-so-complex mythology of this dusty, dangerous and machine filled world. But, before we can get to the action, we have the pleasure of seeing the wonderful Helena Bonham Carter talking to new character (and surprisingly good leading man) Marcus, played by newcomer Sam Worthington. He is on death row in 2003, and she is trying to persuade him to hand over his body to medical science after he is executed. This he does, and wakes up in 2018. But he doesn't wake to anything nice - not to a glorious future world with everything bright and rosy, where you are served Horlix by chipmunks with wings. Oh no, nothing like that. He wakes up to the horror of war-torn Planet Earth in the year 2018. And it really is horror. When we first see Marcus wakeup in the future-set narrative he is naked, covered with grit and mud and is screaming dementedly. Of course, he finds himself some clothes and a stable disposition, and teams up with two younger fighters, who are anxiously trying to stay alive as the machines of the "Skynet" corporation are hunting them down. One of these young fighters is a teenager called Kyle. He is important - watch out for Kyle.

    You may be asking "where does Christian Bale come into all this?" - A fair question, considering his name is billed first (rather unfairly in my view) on the wealth of publicity that comes with this big-budget franchise reboot. In truth, he does very little. Playing John Connor (the apparent key to the whole Terminator mythology) is clearly no small task, but with what screen time he has he's typically unmemorable. The character is a soldier working for the "Resistance" against the machines. The machines (aka Robots) are fast taking over Earth, making the human-being an endangered species. John Connor has been told that his father is returning to him, but will be much younger. How this affects the Marcus character...well, I dare not say more.

    This film perfectly does what it set out to do; reboot a franchise, a franchise that showed signs of failing with the so-so Terminator 3. The actions sequences - and believe me, there are many of them - are excellently judged and crafted so that the desired tension is never lost and the audience doesn't slip into boredom. I should make it clear that this isn't of the masterpiece standard some regard the first films of the series to be, but it is an exciting glimpse of what future instalments may hold. As I have said, Christian Bale is once again playing a lead that deserves gravitas but is generally starved of it by the actor's mediocrity. However, an intelligent script saves him from wrecking the mysterious role he inhabits, but this doesn't stop him from being eclipsed by the promising Sam Worthington.

    This is a shakeup of a series, something which both seems fashionable and necessary in the current cinematic climate. It's far from being a landmark film, but it may begin a landmark progression for Hollywood, proving a new type of sequel (or reimagining) can often be the best thing to do when new material is not at hand. This is strong, well structured action-filmmaking that should be embraced rather than maligned.

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Fourth film in the hugely popular 'Terminator' franchise. The film is set in 2018 in a post-apocalyptic world where the human race is at war with Skynet and its army of deadly Terminators. John Connor (Christian Bale) is a young soldier who is destined to become the leader of the human resistance. However, he is forced to question his certainty about the future when a mysterious stranger named Marcus Wright (Sam Worthington) suddenly appears, and John must decide whether he has been sent from the past or the future. As Skynet grows more and more powerful and all hope for the human race looks like being eliminated in one final devastating attack, John and Marcus journey to the centre of Skynet's operations where they discover a shocking secret...

Please note this is a region 2 DVD and will require a region 2 (Europe) or region Free DVD Player in order to playThe Terminator is back! Set in a post-apocalyptic 2018 this fourth instalment of the saga stars Christian Bale as John Connor humanity's last hope in the war against the machines From visionary director McG this is one adrenaline-pumping thrill ride that no sci-fi fan should be without!The End Begins NowThe year is 2018 Judgment Day has come and gone At the behest of Skynet an army of Terminators roams the wastelands killing or collecting humans The only hope for the survival of humanity is Resistance fighter John Connor a man whose destiny has always been intertwined with the fate of human existence As the future of the world teeters on the brink of the future John has been warned about his whole life something totally new shakes his belief that mankind stands a chance against the machines the appearance of Marcus Wright (Sam Worthington) a man from the past whose last memory is of being on death row before awakening in this post-apocalyptic nightmare In the face of an ever-adapting Skynet John must decide whether Marcus can be trusted as he prepares to face the enemy head-on Actors Christian Bale Sam Worthington Anton Yelchin Moon Bloodgood Common Bryce Dallas Howard Chris Browning Jadagrace Helena Bonham Carter Jane Alexander Michael Ironside Ivan G'Vera Dorian Nkono Beth Bailey & Victor J HoDirector McGCertificate 12 years and overYear 2009Screen Widescreen 2401 AnamorphicLanguages English - Dolby Digital (51)Additional Languages ItalianSubtitles English (UK) ; Hindi ; ItalianClosed Captions YesDuration 1 hour and 50 minutes (approx)

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