The Beyond - Uncut DVD


A young woman inherits a decaying hotel on the edge of a Louisiana swamp unaware that more than fifty years ago it served as the gateway to hell and that its horrific evil lives on to this day. Her dream to build a new life for herself becomes a nightmarish fight for survival as horrors straight out of Lovecraft's Book of Ebion lay their own claim to her property and the souls around her...

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13 October 2003
83 minutes 
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  • The Beyond - Uncut [2001]
    Jessica Roberts

    When i first saw this DVD on release all those years ago, i was too young to buy it and so i didnt bother till years later. I then saw it on another site for a cheap price and went along with it thinknig it would crack up to the hype and great reviews it was getting. However i was completely wrong.
    For a start off, the music was terrible sounding more like porn-style than horror, the so-called acting skills of the actors were so rubbish you could cast yourself in it, and as for the supposed ''scary'' zombie (was he?) you may as well have asked Rik Waller to put on a wig and dance around with fake blood.
    By the end of the ''horror'' film you are just sat there thinking ''and i paid £3 for this?" Yes you even dont get your moneys worth.
    I brought this because people were doing reviews saying it was ''cheap'' and i thought by cheap it would be my kind of thing...but no folks.
    So if i were you, stay well clear of this peice of junk and invest in The Descent for a chill.

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