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The Last Days of Patton One of the most heroic and inspirational leaders of World War Two, General George S. Patton (George C. Scott) is seriously injured in a car accident just a few weeks after the end of the war and is not expected to survive. This is the story of the last few months of the General's life and the Army Medical Corps efforts to save him. As he lies immobile in a hospital bed, surrounded by the pessimistic doctors and his worried wife, he waits for death and reminisces about his happy younger days. From Hell to Victory On August 24th 1939 in a small... riverside cafe in France, six old friends vow to reunite on that day each year, however fate has a way of disrupting even the best laid plans. With the outbreak of war the friends find their lives running very different courses as their loyalties and nationalities begin to forge their future. An action-packed tale of war, friendships and family ties. Hitler's SS This star-studded and gripping drama portrays the rise and fall of the Third Reich through the lives of two brothers who find themselves on opposite sides of the Nazi party. Helmut (Bill Nighy) the brilliant but opportunistic student, and Karl (John Shea) an idealistic athlete both come of age at the dawn of Hitler’s 1930s Germany. Although bound under the Nazi banner and in love with the same woman (Lucy Gutteridge), both brothers have different experience and expectations in the conflict. Battle of Blood Island An amphibious attack by American troops on a South Pacific island meets with a heavy Japanese defence killing all but two survivors, leaving one unable to walk. Isolation, lack of food and a primal fear all begin to take their toll as the months pass and when the realisation of their situation begins to sink in, the men have a new enemy to fight - each other. Dive Bomber The ever-dashing Errol Flynn stars alongside Fred MacMurray in this action packed drama set at the U.S. Naval Air Station in San Diego during the uncertain year of 1941. With war already raging in Europe, U.S. Forces began to prepare for their seemingly inevitable involvement in the conflict. As part of the preparation Naval flight surgeon Lt. Doug Lee (Errol Flynn) is determined to eradicate pilot blackout and altitude sickness, thus handing U.S. pilots an immeasurable advantage. With the initially reluctant help of Lt. Com Joe Blake (Fred MacMurray) the two men risk their own lives in order to find a cure. Aerial Gunner Lieutenant Davis and his stricken aircraft return to base following a successful bombing mission over Japan, only to discover members of his crew are either missing or dead. Recounting in flashbacks the events leading up to the fatal mission, Davis tells of his rivalry with his aerial gunner Sgt Foxy Pattis. A dramatic story of envy, revenge and comradeship set against the background of World War Two. [show more]

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18 April 2011
Pegasus Entertainment 
670 minutes 
Black & White, Colour, Dolby, PAL 
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Collection of six feature-length war dramas. Made-for-TV biopic 'The Last Days of Patton' (1986) sees George C. Scott reprise the role he originally played in 'Patton' (1970) as the charismatic World War II hero. The film follows the general's last six months, from the war's end to the freak accident which robbed him of his life. In 'From Hell to Victory' (1979) six friends from different European countries meet in Paris in August 1939 and make a vow to meet every year at the same cafe. Their differing paths criss-cross throughout the film, which concludes with a bittersweet reunion in France in the summer of 1944. George Peppard, George Hamilton, Horst Buchholz, Anny Duperey, Jean-Pierre Cassel and Sam Wanamaker co-star. Made-for-TV feature 'Hitler's SS' (1985) tells the story of brothers, Helmut (Bill Nighy) and Karl Hoffmann (John Shea), who both come of age at the start of Hitler's power in Germany in 1931. Helmut, the brilliant but opportunistic student, joins the SS and eventually becomes a successful flag rank officer. Karl, an idealistic athlete, joins the SA and experiences the darker side of Nazism. When the SA is disbanded, he is thrown into prison and later conscripted into the German army. Brother is pitted against brother until their relationship, and the Third Reich, stands in ruins. 'Battle of Blood Island' (1960) follows two American soldiers (Richard Devon and Ron Kennedy) who are stranded on a South Pacific island. The only survivors after a battle with the Japanese, alone and with little food, the men begin to turn on one another. Will they be able to join forces to survive their perilous situation? 'Dive Bomber' (1941), directed by Michael Curtiz, stars Errol Flynn and Fred MacMurray. The film follows rivals Lieutenant Commander Joe Blake (MacMurray) and Dr. Douglas Lee (Flynn) as they undergo research trials in an attempt to eliminate the dangerous phenomenon of pilot-blackout. In 'Aerial Gunner' (1943) Lieutenant Davis (Richard Arlen) returns to base after a mission, only to find that his crew are either missing or dead. In order to unveil the reason behind this failure, Davis recounts the mission in a series of flashbacks which reveal his aerial gunner, Sgt 'Foxy' Pattis (Chester Morris), as his adversary.