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What would you do if your husband, wife or business partner was making your life unbearable, to the point where there was no alternative but to have them removed- permanently? Could you bring yourself to do it? If not, bored Kensington housewife Joan (Tracy Reed, cousin of Oliver and niece of Carol) offers a possible alternative- for a price, she and her highly trained, all-female hit squad will very discreetly 'take out' the offending party and leave no trace behind .In this dark, bleakly comic and sometimes grimly prophetic drama from Donovan Winter, which, like... many of the best British exploitation films, features a story ripped from yesterday's headlines, we enter the lives of both assassin and victim, and discover that in the London of 1975, whether swanky Knightsbridge or deepest suburban Orpington, noone has immunity from murder, and everyone is expendable. Locations also take in the legendary Biba department store, shortly before its closure.As usual, Winter assembles a cast of great performers from both ends of the cinematic spectrum, with future TV stars Bernard Holley (Z Cars, Tripods, Thriller, Dr Who, Phoenix And The Carpet, Birds Of A Feather) Brian Jackson (Revenge Of The Pink Panther, Protectors, Persuaders, Escort Girls) and Rula Lenska (Rock Follies, Take A Letter Mr Jones, Cluedo, Dr Who, Leap In The Dark, Confessions) rubbing shoulders with seasoned blue movie names Heather Chasen and Steve Amber, the former of whom is now a respected actress in her own right. There's also a minor role for horror star Sally Faulkner (Prey, Vampyres, The Body Stealers) which the eagle-eyed amongst you will have fun spotting.Is it the Mafia? Is it the Triads? Is it the Illuminati? The Men In Black? No, it's The Deadly Females - and they've got your name on their books... [show more]

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31 October 2011
Nucleus Films 
101 minutes 
Dolby, PAL, Widescreen 
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1970s sexploitation comedy from director Donovan Winter. Antiques dealer Joan (Tracy Reed) lives a double life as the leader of a group of female assassins who take out lechorous men, luring their victims with their sexuality. The team take on various jobs at the request of housewives who have been driven to distraction by their incompetent and demanding husbands.

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