The Films of Michael Haneke (10 discs) DVD


This deluxe box set features ten of Haneke's masterpieces - now including the Palme d'Or-winning 'The White Ribbon' - and follows the sell-out success of 2009's 'Essential Michael Haneke' collection.71 Fragments of a Chronology of ChanceBenny's VideoThe CastleCode UnknownFunny GamesHiddenThe Piano TeacherThe Seventh ContinentTime of the WolfThe White Ribbon

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07 November 2011
Artificial Eye 
1136 minutes 
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A collection of the acclaimed Austrian filmmaker Michael Haneke's work. 'The Seventh Continent' (1989) is a disturbing study of a family in crisis. The storyline follows three years in the life of Georg (Dieter Berner), his wife, Anna (Birgit Doll), and their daughter, Eva (Leni Tanzer), during which time a psychological blindness leads to the family's self-destruction. 'Benny's Video' (1992) follows Benny (Arno Frisch), an intelligent only child but a bit of a loner. He sits in his room most nights, with his video cameras and TV, watching horror films and listening to heavy rock music. But everything changes when he invites a young girl his own age back to his room to show her a video. In 'Funny Games' (1997), Anna (Susan Lothar) and Georg Schober (Ulrich Muhe) arrive with their son, Georgie (Stefan Clapczynski), at their lakeside holiday home. Through their neighbour, Fred (Christoph Bantzer), they meet Paul (Frisch) and his friend, Peter (Frank Giering). However, once inside Anna and Georg's house, Peter and Paul begin to torture them, betting that in 24 hours they and Georgie will all be dead. In 'Hidden' (2005), Georges (Daniel Auteuil) is a successful TV presenter, happily married to Anne (Juliette Binoche). Their idyllic, middle-class life is suddenly derailed when Georges starts receiving tapes through the post, from someone who has been secretly filming him and his family as they go about their daily business. In 'The Castle' (1997), an adaptation of Franz Kafka's novel, land surveyor K (Muhe) arrives at a small village that houses a castle. Though he was invited to the castle by officials, authorities refuse to allow him to enter and befuddle him with increasingly bizarre bureaucratic obstacles. 'Time of the Wolf' (2003) is a tense post-apocalyptic drama, set in a world in which society has completely broken down. Anne (Isabelle Huppert) flees the city with her husband and two children, hoping to find refuge at the family's country home. 'The Piano Teacher' (2001) follows Erika Kohut (Huppert), a piano teacher at the Vienna Conservatory who lives with her domineering mother (Annie Girardot) and privately engages in masochistic acts. In 'Code Unknown' (2000), Jean (Alexandre Hamidi) contemptuously throws an empty paper bag into the open hands of Romanian beggar Maria (Luminita Gheorghiu) after an argument with his brother's girlfriend, Anne (Binoche). When music teacher Amadou (Ona Lu Yenke) demands that Jean apologise to Maria, the two get caught in a scuffle that results in Amadou's arrest and Maria's deportation. '71 Fragments of a Chronology of Chance' (1994) begins with a horrific mass killing on Christmas Eve 1993. The film flashes back to follow a series of strangers - all with different lives but sharing a sense of hopelessness - whose fragmented narratives culminate in one fateful night. 'The White Ribbon' (2009) is an unflinching black and white study of German rural village life in 1913. Focusing in particular on the austere and often brutal environment of the village school, overseen by the schoolmaster (Christian Friedel), the film not only exposes the cruelty and hypocrisy of adults towards children but offers an insight into the undercurrents of patriarchy and repression that went on to shape 20th-century Germany. As the outbreak of war draws near, a series of violent and unexplained events shake the small community to its core.

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