The Foreigner/The Patriot/Out Of Reach DVD


The Foreigner (Dir. Michael Oblowitz): Jon Cold is a freelance secret agent who's as cunning as he is deadly. When Cold is hired to deliver a mysterious package from France to Germany some very dangerous people will stop at nothing to stop him. But getting in his way is a decision they might not live to regret. With exotic locations and blistering action The Foreigner is heart-pounding entertainment that'll keep you on the edge of your seat! The Patriot (Dir. Dean Semler): Dr. Wesley McClaren (Seagal) was the government's top immunologist before giving it all up for... a quiet practice in a small Montana community. But the peace is abruptly shattered when a violent extremist group unleashes a rapidly spreading lethal biological agent and takes over the town! As more and more people die from a baffling illness the edge-of-your-seat suspense only intensifies as McClaren races to outsmart the militiamen and find a cure before the insidious disease spreads world-wide! Out Of Reach (Dir. Leong Po-Chih): Billy Ray Lancing (Seagal) a former covert agent turned survivalist discovers that the foster program in Eastern Europe he is using to help a young girl is actually a human trafficking network and so he heads overseas to find the girl and shut down the operation... [show more]

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06 September 2010
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Please note this is a region 2 DVD and will require a region 2 (Europe) or region Free DVD Player in order to play.  Triple bill of Steven Seagal action pictures. 'The Foreigner' (2003) stars Seagal as Jonathan Cold, a freelance secret agent hired to deliver a mysterious package from France to Germany. The contents of the package are unknown to Cold, but he soon discovers that several different parties will go to great lengths to procure them, including political corruption, backstabbing and even murder. In 'The Patriot' (1998), when a madman unleashes a deadly virus over a remote Western town, the only hope for its survival lies with the rugged local doctor, Wesley McClaren (Steven Seagal). Having previously worked as an immunologist for the US government, McClaren knows exactly what to do, but alongside his struggle with the deadly infections, he must also fight a running battle with the army and the local militia groups. In 'Out Of Reach' (2004) Seagal plays Billy Ray Lancing, a former government agent now living in Alaska, who has been sending money through an overseas foster programme to an orphan in Eastern Europe. When the letters stop coming, he wonders why, and embarks on a journey to Europe to discover what has happened to his young penfriend. What he finds is a human smuggling operation masquerading as an orphanage, run by crook Faisal (Matt Schulze) and funded by well-intentioned Samaritans.