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In this star-studded Western, murder, robbery and betrayal plague a small, rural town and, secretly, one desperate farmer is at the centre of the action. Zachary Hallock (Joel McCrea) is broke. The farmer has just lost his wife, and looking for a place he and his son can call home decides to move West to begin a new life. At first, things seem to be shaping up: Zack finds a new bride (Emmy award-winning Barbara Hale, Perry Mason) and starts a new farm but now more than ever, money is tight. The town spirals into chaos when the local sheriff is shot down in the... streets by a gang of outlaws, who are dead-set on making dirty money and terrorising anyone who gets in their way. Soon, Zach finds himself at the wrong end of a barrel, held up at gunpoint by the outlaws, who make him an offer he can't refuse His family needs money. His life is in danger. Tangled in a web of violence, betrayal, and deceit, Zach must choose between doing what is right, and what is necessary. [show more]

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04 July 2016
Simply Media 
76 minutes 
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George Sherman directs this 1950s Western starring Joel McCrea and Barbara Hale. Farmer Zachary Hallock (McCrea) and his son Joshua (Jimmy Hunt) are settling in to their new farm in the small Western town of Timberline. When approached by cowboy George Hadley (Charles Drake) to join the local group of vigilantes known as the Regulators, Zachary declines, fearing the trouble that a membership to a group like that could cause for his son. When Zachary meets and falls for Sarah Jane (Hale), the older sister of Josh's friend Skaggs (Wesley Morgan), he realises he needs money to be able to marry her. Brothers and members of the Regulators Gus and Jonah Varden (James Arness and Alex Nicol) ask Zachary for his help in robbing a bank and he reluctantly agrees, setting his sights on the money.

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