The Missing Postman DVD


Clive Peacock is a cheery, contented Postie living in a seaside Dorset town. His job has always been simple: real people, real post, real customer service. New technology is threatening Clive's livelihood, with the sorting office now overwhelmed by machines that are bound to take over his job. In a defiant, last-ditch attempt to protest and prove his worth, Clive sets out on an ambitious mission. He vows to deliver every single letter in his last post by hand, cycling all over Britain to give his customers their letters face-to-face the old-fashioned way. However,... Clive's noble quest doesn't win the hearts of the police, who are in hot pursuit of the postman for stealing Her Majesty's mail This two-part comedy-drama follows a simple man's mission to rescue his humble profession from the takeover of machines. It's a funny, moving tribute to elbow grease, perseverance, and ceaseless British spirit. [show more]

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28 March 2016
Simply Media 
80 minutes 
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Please note this is a region 2 DVD and will require a region 2 (Europe) or region Free DVD Player in order to play.  Clive Peacock is a postman in a small seaside town in Dorset. He's happy in his job and doesn't want it to change. But new technology is being introduced in his sorting office. Since he can't drive, and since deliveries by bicycle are deemed to be "old fashioned", he is offered early retirement. But he doesn't want to retire. On his last day, he collects the post from the pillar box... and decides to deliver it by hand himself as a protest. And so he starts out on a long journey by bike all around Britain, delivering each letter personally. He is hotly pursued by the police (who want to arrest him for "stealing Her Majesty's mail") and by the media (who see a great human interest story and turn him into a celebrity). But he manages to stay one step ahead of them, making many friends along the way.

James Bolam stars in this made-for-TV drama based on the book by Mark Wallington. Postman Clive Peacock (Bolam) decides to rebel when his employers force him to take early retirement. Setting off on his bike, he determines to deliver his last batch of post by hand all over the country. The police are soon on his trail, while the media acclaim him as a hero. For Clive it is a journey of discovery, but he is unaware that back at home his wife (Alison Steadman) is undergoing her own transformation.