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The Monster Club is a trio of terror tales featuring late great actors John Carradine Donald Pleasence and the master of macabre himself Vincent Price. A writer of horror stories (Carradine) is invited by a mysterious old gentleman (Price) to join in a sinister storytelling session at a rock nightclub. Once there Price spins three tales of horror and suspense featuring vampires monsters ghosts and ghouls all interspersed with humor and musical interludes.

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22 May 2006
94 minutes 
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  • The Monster Club
    janet walker

    This movie takes me back to my childhood, sneaking out of bed and downstairs to watch the forbidden horror flick form behind the couch. The reason for my continuous admiration for this film is its attempt at monster genealogy. It attempts to explain what would happen if monsters crossbred, what would their offspring be and what would they be capable of. The predecessors of this amicus production were admittedly more frightening and this, their last attempt at horror that marks the end of an era.
    The film opens on a dark deserted street where an author Chetwynd-Hayes (John Carradine parodying the actual writer of the book) is approached and asked for sustenance by a very famished stranger. The stranger is Erasmus (Vincent Price, in a very rare appearance as a vampire). On realizing that he has fed upon a man he has much admiration for, Erasmus tries to make amends to the author by inviting him to an exclusive club.
    What follows is a trio of monstrous tales of woe intersected by musical numbers; most memorable was "the stripper" by Night.
    The dancer that accompanies the song does indeed strip, but bearing in mind the venue is a monster club she doesn"t stop at her clothes.
    This film entertained back in the eighties and now seems dated compared to the horror genre of today, but when you view the movie both the actors and director"s tongues seemed to be well in their cheeks.
    The director Roy Ward Baker had a few horror flicks for Hammer and Amicus under his belt before tackling the monster club and the general feeling of the film was that this is not a serious horror, especially when Vincent Price hits the dance floor.
    A small piece of trivia:: in the monster club one of the masks used was also seen in star wars. When Ben arranged transport with Han in The Mos Eisley Cantina.

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When horror writer Ronald Chetwynd-Hayes (John Carradine) allows his vampire friend Eramus (Vincent Price) to take him to the Monster Club - a trendy hang-out for ghouls, werewolves, snakemen et al - the latter regales him with three horrific tales. In the first, a couple attempt to cheat gentle monster Shadwick out of his fortune. The second features a film director who is trapped in a village of ghouls, while the third story centres around a young boy who discovers that his father is one of the undead.