The Music Lovers 1970 DVD DVD


Composer Peter Tchaikovsky (Richard Chamberlain) abandons his intimate friend , Count Chiluvsky (Christopher Gable), when Madame Von Meck (Izabella Telezynsky) sponsors him after hearing him perform his First Piano Concerto.A tortured man , unhappy except in his music, Tchaikovsky marries Nina Milukova (Glenda Jackson), a passionate, neurotic woman. When he is unable to fulfill the demands of matrimony, his tensions become so great that he attempts suicide and has a nervous breakdown. Nina’s world also falls apart and she deteriorates into madness and is commited to... an asylum.Tchaikovsky recuperates at a country mansion of Madame Von Meck. The two correspond but never meet. At a great party which she holds in his honour, Count Chiluvsky appears, and when Tchaikovsky rebuffs him he tells Madame Von Meck the truth about her protg. She immediately severs all connections with the composer.Tchaikovsky is hurt but continues to compose and conduct throughout the world. World fame does nothing to ameliorate his unhappy state. At the age of 53, after composing his “requiem” his Pathetique Symphony, he deliberately drinks water contaminated with cholera germs.A few days later he is dead. Decades later his music still lives! [show more]

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27 June 2011
Final Cut 
118 minutes 
Anamorphic, Colour, Dolby, PAL, Widescreen 
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