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Join mankind's most treacherous battle for survival! From the director of the original Kaiju classic Godzilla comes The Mysterians - available on DVD for the first time! After a Japanese town is totally destroyed the military arrive to investigate. They encounter a giant robot that is decimating everything in its path. A dome appears out of the ground and a group of scientists are invited to meet the alien Mysterians from the planet Mysteroid. The Mysterians have come in peace all they ask humanity for is three-square kilometers of land and the right to interbreed... with Earth women to repopulate their species. Outraged at such a suggestion humanity declares war on the Mysterians which leads to the revelation of the aliens' sinister secrets. However Earth stands little chance against the technologically advanced beings unless a group of scientists can come up with a super weapon to use against them. The Mysterians was the first colour Japanese science fiction film to be shot in widescreen. The creative team responsible for Godzilla reunited for the production and the special effects are striking. Flying saucers zeppelin-type aircraft ray-gun blasts mass floods and violent explosions are fantastically executed setting the standard for model effects and science fiction art design for years to come. Vibrant and bursting with action The Mysterians is an arresting vision of futuristic warfare and a cautionary tale for the atomic age; a treat not only for robot fanatics and cult sci-fi film fans but one of Ishiro Honda's most celebrated and spectacular extravaganzas. [show more]

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13 February 2006
Bfi Video Publishing 
85 minutes 
PAL, Subtitled 
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Cult Japanese sci-fi, from director Ishiro Honda. When an isolated village mysteriously disappears, the army are sent in to investigate. Before long they have uncovered the culprit - a gigantic robot called Mogera, that can shoot death-beams from its eyes! At the same time, an alien race known as the Mysterians have arrived on Earth after escaping from their dying homeworld, seeking asylum, land to settle...and Earth women to help them repopulate their species.

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