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A prime candidate for cult status (it even spawned a sequel), The Prophecy is a 1995 apocalyptic horror flick that belongs in the darker corners of the comedy-horror sub genre alongside Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Mimic and Phantoms--and like those movies it's a mixed blessing with some highlights worth savouring. This one's got Christopher Walken in its favour, starring as the Angel Gabriel, who's really mad at God for allowing humans into heaven (because, you see, humans have souls and angels don't, and God plays favourites). Gabriel takes his anger out on the human... race, coming to Earth to capture the soul of the most evil human alive in an effort to defeat the "good" angels that remain in God's good graces. One of the good angels is played by Eric Stoltz, who captures the evil soul before Walken does and transfers it into the body of a little girl. Are you with us so far? Don't worry if you're not, because writer-director Gregory Widen filled The Prophecy with so many wild ideas that he didn't bother to connect them to a coherent plot. Add Viggo Mortensen as the devil and Elias Koteas as a priest-turned detective who's tracking Walken and it's clear that Widen was attempting something ambitious here. He nearly succeeded, since The Prophecy jumpstarts its heaven-and-hell rivalry with enough action, humour, and intelligence to make the movie sufficiently entertaining. It was enjoyable enough to entice Walken back for the sequel, so if you're into this kind of thing, this one's a keeper. --Jeff Shannon, [show more]

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15 July 2002
Buena Vista Home Entertainment 
94 minutes 
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  • The Prophecy [1995]
    Kashif Ahmed

    Christopher Walken as the archangel Gabriel ought to be enough to sell you on 'Highlander' scribe Gregory Widen's unique supernatural thriller. But if you need more, than know that Walken's a Heavenly outcast in open rebellion against God; out to destroy humanity by snatching the soul of a recently deceased U.S. general / war criminal, in order to harness the essence of deceit and cunning (both inherently human traits) and use them to win the civil war upstairs. Now the gates of Heaven remain closed until said war is over, hence creating somewhat of a metaphysical tailback in that souls are piling up like a bank holiday traffic jam. The general's soul has been hidden for safekeeping by another angel; Simon (Eric Stoltz) inside a Native American girl, which in turn brings Virginia Madsen's kindly schoolteacher into the frame along with troubled ex-priest turned cop Elias Koteas. And just when you think you've seen it all, along comes a brilliant Viggo Mortensen as the Devil himself. 'The Prophecy is an unusually intelligent, sometimes violent and often darkly humorous picture directed with a sure hand by first timer Widen and well acted by an all-star cast (Amanda Plummer and Adam Goldberg also make cameos). Christopher Walken, easily one of the finest actors working today, puts in a typically brilliant performance as a sympathetic antagonist who isn't entirely in the wrong. 'The Prophecy' also gifts fans and Chris Walken impressionists a whole new repertoire of quotable one-liners, such as: "You should come work for me upstairs...I could get you in, you'll love it: nobody tells you when to go to bed, you get to eat all the ice cream you want, you get to kill all day, all night...just like an angel". The movie spawned two inferior sequels with Chris reprising his role, but the original is by far the best and definitely worth seeing. "Save yourself!" watch 'The Prophecy'.

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