The Yellow Balloon DVD


Frankie Palmer is a normal lovable boy who one day catches sight of a yellow balloon in a shop window. Procuring the money from his impoverished father Frankie sets on his way to buy the balloon but drops the sixpence which rolls down the drain. When he sees his friend Ronnie has purchased the balloon he playfully snatches it away and a wild chase follows up and down the rickety skeleton of a blitzed building. Their chase ends in a terrible accident witnessed by the unscrupulous Len Turner who takes advantage by blackmailing young Frankie convincing him he... faces criminal charges. Too terrified to confide in his parents Frankie becomes a pawn for Turner coerced into a robbery that ends in murder. Features: Introduction by Film Historian Charles Barr Stills Gallery [show more]

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13 July 2015
77 minutes 
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1950s British drama set in London's East End. 12-year-old Frankie (Andrew Ray) runs off into a bombed-out house with a yellow balloon that belongs to his friend who, while trying to get the balloon back, falls to his death. The accident is witnessed by criminal Len (William Sylvester), who persuades Frankie that the police will believe he killed the boy and blackmails him into helping him in a robbery that ends in a murder. Len realises he will have to silence Frankie and the two end up in a cat and mouse chase in the ruins of the London Underground.