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It was directed with energetic skill by Top Gun Tony Scott, but t his breathtaking 1993 thriller (think of it as an adolescent crime fantasy on steroids) has Quentin Tarantino written all over it. True Romance is really part of a loose trilogy that includes Reservoir Dogs and Pulp Fiction, with a crackling Tarantino screenplay that rides a fine line between raucous comedy and violent excess. Christian Slater plays Clarence, the comic-book lover who meets a beguiling prostitute named Alabama (Patricia Arquette), confronts her vicious pimp (Gary Oldman), and embarks... on a cross-country odyssey with $5 million worth of Mafia cocaine. Mayhem ensues, culminating in a favourite Tarantino climax--the "Mexican standoff"--in which a roomful of guys are pointing guns at each other, waiting to see who shoots first. Brutal, profane, and totally outrageous, True Romance is not for everyone, but with a supporting cast that includes Dennis Hopper, Christopher Walken, Brad Pitt, and Val Kilmer (as the ghost of Elvis!), you can be sure this movie will never be boring. --Jeff Shannon, [show more]

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17 April 2019
Warner Home Video 
113 minutes 
Directors Cut, PAL, Widescreen 
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  • True Romance (1993)
    Raymond Li

    'True Romance' is essentially a modern love story, telling the tale of two lost souls Clarence and Alabama (Christian Slater and Patricia Arquette). A chick flick, however, it certainly isn't. As well as a love story, it's a road trip and mafia film all rolled expertly into one, by vitue of the writing skills of Quentin Tarantino. It has all of the hallmarks of a Tarantino movie, with moments of comedic genius and gory brutality.
    The story begins with the two main characters falling for each other, whilst Alabama is working as a prostitute. Clarence attempts to free Alabama of her seedy lifestyle by bargaining directly with her psychotic pimp, Drexl (Gary Oldman). In retrieving Alabama's possessions, he inadvertently steals a suitcase full of Mafia-owned cocaine. On discovering this, Clarence decides to sell it with the aid of his friend Dick, whilst trying to avoid the attentions of the pursuing police and Mafia.
    This is a gem of a film, wonderfully written and shot, with a number of memorable performances. It's aided in no small part by its star-studded supporting cast (Samuel L Jackson, Dennis Hopper, Christopher Walken, Brad Pitt, Val Kilmer). The scene with Clifford, Clarence's dad, and Vicenzo, the Mafia boss (played by Hollywood heavyweights Dennis Hopper and Christopher Walken) perfectly illustrates the qualities of this film. The scene is bristling with atmosphere, as the situation fluctuates bewtween sheer comedy and brutal violence.
    'True Romance' created few waves with audiences at the box office. The script and the cast alone, should have ensured a bumper return, however any failings there do nothing to detract from its overall brilliance.

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Please note this is a region 2 DVD and will require a region 2 or region Free DVD Player in order to play Runaway lovers Clarence and Alabama (Christian Slater and Patricia Arquette) play a dangerous game when they come to possess a suitcase of mob contraband. They head for Los Angeles, where they'll sell the goods and begin a new life. But both sides of the law have other ideas. Screenwriter Quentin Tarantino (Pulp Fiction, Jackie Brown) and director Tony Scott (Top Gun, Spy Game) shoot the works in this hard-edged mix of hip wit and dazzling action with an electrifying ensemble cast to die for. Actors: Christian Slater, Patricia Arquette, Dennis Hopper, Val Kilmer, Gary Oldman Directors: Tony Scott Writers: Quentin Tarantino, Roger Avary Producers: Bill Unger, Bob Weinstein, Don Edmonds, Gary Barber, Gregory Manson Language: English Subtitles: English Number of discs: 1

Tony Scott directs this violent crime thriller written by Quentin Tarantino. Clarence (Christian Slater) is a kung fu loving guy whose boss buys him a night with a hooker, Alabama (Patricia Arquette). The two fall in love and get married the next day. However, Alabama's pimp Drexel (Gary Oldman) stands in their way, and so Clarence takes it upon himself to wipe Drexel out. In the process, he unwittingly picks up a suitcase full of uncut cocaine that Drexel has stolen from the Irish Mob. The young lovers hightail it across the country to LA, hoping to sell the coke to a movie producer, but the Mafia and the cops are hot on their tail... The cast also includes Christopher Walken, Brad Pitt, Val Kilmer and Samuel L. Jackson.

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