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Newly-promoted police detective Jessica Shepard (Ashley Judd) is after a serial killer with a penchant for murdering men she has recently dated

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04 October 2004
Paramount Home Entertainment (UK) 
97 minutes 
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  • Twisted
    Nick Haysom

    It's never a good sign when the only two press quotes on a DVD come from the News of the World. Sure enough, Twisted is nothing to write home about or even a good quote about. The most remarkable thing about it is that such an unremarkable film should be directed by Philip Kaufman, the man behind such superb films as The Right Stuff and Invasion of the Body Snatchers (1978).

    You have to feel sorry for Ashley Judd. She plays a newly-promoted detective in the San Francisco Police Department whose cop father went berserk when she was a child and killed her mother and then himself, turning her eventually into a tough, cynical, hard-drinking policewoman who hangs around in dives picking up low-lifes for one-night stands. One night she blacks out and wakes to learn that one of her casual lovers has met a grisly fate. The next night (or so it seems) she blacks out and wakes to learn that another of her casual lovers has met a grisly fate. The next night - well, you get the picture.

    Her partner (Andy Garcia) starts to look at her strangely and the rest of the squad, who don't seem to have the faintest idea what detective work involves, make rude comments. Meanwhile, Judd has regular sessions with the police psychoanalyst and clearly even he is taking no chances, wearing his gun at all times.

    The film rapidly degenerates into farce. Judd, sporting a fetching tomboy bob, is about as credible a tough cop as Julian Clary would be and her repetitious bar visits and alcoholic binges become absurd. If she is hung up on her childhood trauma to the extent of such self-destruction it's pretty unlikely she would rise to any position of responsibility in the force. Garcia looks bored and unhappy at playing second fiddle and who could blame him? The characters never rise above stereotypes and the dialogue is full of howlers. The one saving grace is the length, which is mercifully short. The DVD includes eight deleted scenes; far better had they deleted the entire film.

  • Twisted
    Zachariah Rush

    "Twisted" is nothing but a preposterous and inane serial killer thriller. But this film takes absurdity and mindless writing to its most pathetic if not bathetic depths.
    A female Inspector on the San Francisco P.D. who drinks excessively with no real reason, and who picks up guys in bars for one night stands, suddenly realises that the men she is indiscriminately sleeping with are turning up dead.
    Not only are we expected to suspend our disbelief at the fact that these circumstances befall newly promoted Inspector Shepard (Ashley Judd), but we are expected to sit and watch as she is partnered up with Inspector Del Marco (Andy Garcia) to solve the case (with whom there is a facile sexual chemistry); and not only that, this is her first case as a homicide detective - in which she herself soon becomes a suspect because she cannot account for her whereabouts due to the most hilariously acted blackouts after drinking too much red wine - and that"s not all: Shepard"s father was a notorious "serial killer" and cop many years before in the same precinct.
    I have seen some ridiculous films in my time - especially of this jaded genre - "Serial Cops" starring Michael Madsen and Chris Penn, "Postmortem" starring Charlie Sheen, that was set in Scotland to name just two; but "Twisted" is infinitely worse. And the ending - without revealing it, is simply not worth waiting for and can be guessed at within the first fifteen minutes of the film anyway. This is simply appalling film-making; with a ludicrous script and mindless direction. I am almost ashamed at having written so much at length about it.

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Please note this is a region 2 DVD and will require a region 2 (Europe) or region Free DVD Player in order to play Against the moody fog-laden backdrop of the San Francisco waterfront police detective Jessica Shephard (Ashley Judd) becomes embroiled in a darkly personal hunt for a serial killer in this Hitchcockian psychological thriller directed by Philip Kaufman (THE UNBEARABLE LIGHTNESS OF BEING QUILLS) Jessica a San Francisco street cop has been appointed detective by Police Commissioner John Mills (Samuel L Jackson) her surrogate father and mentor Together with her new partner Mike Delmarco (Andy Garcia) she goes after her first assignment a murder and is ready for anything until she realizes that the corpse is a man she once slept with What seems like a bizarre coincidence becomes all too suspicious when the next murder victim is also an acquaintance of the police detective--who is also a blackout drinker with an appetite for anonymous rough sex Nightly she returns home drinks a glass of red wine and awakens to the news of another victim Haunted by her own family tragedy (her father went on an insane killing spree and killed her own mother and himself) Jessica begins to doubt her own sanity and suspect herself to be the killer Age Rating 15

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