Ultimate 5-Movie Shark Collection DVD


From prehistoric beasts and grotesque mutations, to jaw-crunching man-eaters and aggressive artic alphas, get more bite than you bargained for from the mother of all predators. Throughout five spine tingling splatter-fests, the ferocious killing machines wreak havoc across the globe, proving evil has one BIG appetite and will stop at nothing to dominate the food chain. The ULTIMATE 5-MOVIE SHARK COLLECTION is five times as deadly, five times as razor sharp and five times as unforgettable! Included the following five films: RAIDERS OF THE LOST SHARK 3-HEADED SHARK... ATTACK PLANET OF THE SHARKS ICE SHARKS JURASSIC SHARKS [show more]

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Collection of five films based on the deadly predator - the shark. In 'Raiders of the Lost Shark' (2014) four friends on a relaxing private island holiday are terrorised by an escaped giant weaponised shark that has been conditioned to feast on humans. In '3-headed Shark Attack' (2015) a team of researchers undertake an expedition to investigate the Great Pacific garbage patch and discover a dangerously mutated shark that has grown two extra heads. The shark launches an attack on a party boat, leaving the revellers to fight for their lives in the middle of the ocean. Will anyone find a way to stop the monster? In 'Planet of the Sharks' (2016), following a natural disaster of global proportions, Earth is now a planet entirely dominated by its vast, endless oceans. In addition to this, the temperatures have changed drastically resulting in plummeting fish populations. The few humans who have survived are now the targets of a great brood of sharks that have been driven by the desperate lack of food to hunting for prey above the waves. In 'Ice Sharks' (2016) a terrifying new breed of shark attacks an Arctic research station and the researchers desperately struggle to escape their monstrous jaws. Finally, in 'Jurassic Shark' (2012) an oil company drills too deep into the ocean and accidentally releases a prehistoric shark into the open waters. Two separate groups of travellers find themselves trapped on a small island when the shark attacks. As tensions build they struggle to survive against the deadly beast.

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