Based on a Ukranian folk story adapted by Russian writer Nikolai Gogol's VIY was the first Horror film ever made in Russia. Produced by Mosfilm Studios who released works by Eisenstein and Tarkovsky the film stand as a landmark in Russian filmmaking history. Khoma a young novice Monk trvels across the Ukranian countryside whilst on a break from his seminary and stays for one night in a barn belonging to a seemingly harmless old woman. Whilst sleeping the old woman attacks him displaying supernatural strength. The scared novice fatally wounds her while fending her off.... But before dying she suddenly transforms into a beautiful young woman. Some time later Khoma is called to the estate of a rich landowner grieving the death of his daughter. Khoma has been personally requested to attend and against his wishes taken by force to the estate. There he must pray for three nights in the chapel until the body of the landowners daughter is buried. On his first night the woman Khoma had killed rises from the coffin and tries to kill him. Khoma must use every skill he knows for the next 3 nights to prevent this from happening. [show more]

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06 July 2009
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77 minutes 
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