What The Bleep? Down the Rabbit Hole - 5 Disc Box Set DVD


One movie. Infinite possibilities! Controversial genre-defying documentary feature using groundbreaking visual effects and animation to explore the notion of quantum reality. Marlee Matlin stars as Amanda a young woman whose unexpected trip into the fabric of reality forces her to reconsider life the universe and everything. Disc 1 - What the Bleep!? Ultra-Extended Quantum Rabbit Hole Part One (150 mins) : 1. Start 2. The BIG Questions 3. Science vs Religion 4. A Scientific Explanation For Spirituality 5. The Nature Of Perception 6. The Senses 7. Quantum Physics... 8. Entanglement 9. Empty Space 10. Time 11. The Double-Split Experiment 12. The Observor 13. Particles 14. Down The Rabbit Hole 15. The Mind-Matter Intention 16. The Global Consciousness Project 17. Creating Our Own Reality 18. Entangled Minds Experiment Disc 2 - What the Bleep!? Ultra-Extended Quantum Rabbit Hole Part Two (150 mins) : 1.Creating Your Own Reality 2. What Is Consciousness 3. Religion 4. The Quantum Brain 5. Favorite Rabbit Holes 6. Personality & Identity 7. Changing Behaviour 8. Addictions 9. Insight 10. Sex 11. The Mind Creates Our Body 12. The Battle To Move Outside The Box 13. The Human Drama 14. A New Paradigm 15. Surrendering To A Greater Order 16. Extending Boundaries 17. We Are All Connected 18. Consequences Of Thought 19. What The Bleep!? Conference Santa Monica C.A Feb 2005 20. End Credits Disc 3 - What the Bleep!? Down The Rabbit Hole (theatrical version): 1. Start 2. Science vs Religion 3. Quantum Mechanics vs Classical Mechanics 4. Strange Facts 5. The Observor 6. Entanglement 7. Intention As The Creator Of Our Reality 8. What Is Consciousness? 9. The Brain 10. Emotions 11. Our Mind Creates Our Body 12. The Path Of Enlightenment 13. The Scientists 14. End Credits Disc 4 - What the Bleep!? Down The Rabbit Hole: Scientist Interviews Part One (150 mins): David Albert Ph.D - Quantum Physics Consciousness Science Joseph Dispenza D.C - The Brain / Quantum Physics & The Observor / Creating Your Day Dr. Masaru Emoto - Water Amit Goswami Ph.D - Quantum Physics & Consciousness / Which came first...the chicken or the egg? / Why do we all feel separate? John Hagelin Ph.D - Consciousness & Superstring Unified Field Theory / How is knowledge lost? / The Observor Stuart Hammeroff MD - Time & Consciousness / Creating your own reality / Classical & Quantum Physics JZ Knight - Creating Reality Miceal Ledwith Ph.D - God Science & Religion Marlee Maitlin - The BLEEP Lynn McTaggert - Quantum Physics / What does this mean to me? Disc 5 - What the Bleep!? Down The Rabbit Hole: Scientist Interviews Part Two (150 mins): Daniel Monti M.D - The Mind-Body Connection / The Effects of thought on the body Andrew Newberg M.D - God Reality and Everything in-between / Mystical experiences and reality Candace Pert Ph.D - The Columbus Story / Miraculous Healings Dean Radin Ph.D - The ""Stupidity Hypothesis"" / Quantum Physics / Mind Matter interface Ramtha - Who or what is He? / Emotional Addictions / Why we are here? Jeffrey Satinover M.D - Quantum Physics & Spirituality / Entanglement - the other side of the coin Fred Alan Wolf Ph.D - ""Poppin the Quiff"" / Quantum [show more]

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31 July 2006
Momentum Pictures Home Ent 
108 minutes 
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