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The Dead Walk Among Us! For you my friend they are the angels of death. Thus replies Murder Legendre (Bela Lugosi) to John Harron when he inquires about the zombies he encounters on the island of Haiti the locale of this horror classic. When Harron arrives on the isle with his lovely fianc''e Madeline (Madge Bellamy) a wealthy fellow traveler Charles Beaumont (Robert Frazer) offers his lush plantation home for their nuptials. Unfortunately Beaumont has become smitten with Madeline and enters into an unholy alliance with zombie master Legendre to win possession of her-alive... or undead. They arrange for Madeline to fall ill and die and then be resurrected as a zombie-and Charles' love slave. Who will ultimately possess the beautiful bride is decided in the film's final deadly struggle. The tale is set in a smouldering descimated post World War II world in the town of Meridian which has the Halperin brothers made White Zombie in just 11 days back in 1932 with 000 and sets left behind from Universal's Dracula and Frankenstein. Keeping dialogue to a minimum they wisely let the cameraman cut loose on this odd fairy tale avoiding the stagey static feel that pervades most early makes. White Zombie doesn't tell us a story when it can show us one. One of the most visually interesting terror films ever made. [show more]

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24 April 2006
Redemption Films Ltd. 
90 minutes 
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