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  • Strike Back - Vendetta [DVD] [2020]Strike Back - Vendetta | DVD | (04/05/2020) from £18.05   |  Saving you £N/A (N/A%)   |  RRP £N/A

    Section 20's Thomas ˜Mac' McAllister (Warren Brown), Samuel Wyatt (Daniel MacPherson), Gracie Novin (Alin Sumarwata), Manisha Chetri (Varada Sethu) return with Colonel Alexander Coltrane (Jamie Bamber) back in command. Guest stars include Ivana Miličević (Banshee, Gotham, The 100) and Alec Secăreanu (God's Own Country, Baptiste). The kidnapping of a British scientist leads Section 20 into a conspiracy involving a terror group on the rise, who have seemingly emerged from nowhere. The mission takes them from the Mafia strongholds on Europe through Tel Aviv and Venice and beyond and when a terror attack rocks a European city, they realise even darker forces at work here. Loyalties will be tested, alliances shattered, and not everyone will make it home alive. Featuring fast-paced action and breath-taking stunts, Strike Back returns for one final mission.

  • Friday Night Dinner Series 6 [DVD] [2020]Friday Night Dinner Series 6 | DVD | (18/05/2020) from £15.29   |  Saving you £N/A (N/A%)   |  RRP £N/A

    The super smash-hit comedy is back for a sixth tasty helping of six mouth-watering new episodes, as brothers Adam and Jonny return to the family home for a Friday night dinner of roast chicken, crimble-crumble and all-round craziness. In this series Dad buys a grotty old caravan - and starts living in it, Mum almost has a heart attack when the boys both get ˜females', Jonny buys the world's most disgusting coat, Adam gaffer-tapes Jonny's phone to the ceiling, Aunty Val takes up sexting, Horrible Grandma wreaks havoc in the Goodman household - and Jim gets a brand new dog.

  • The Green Man [Blu-ray] [2020]The Green Man | Blu Ray | (18/05/2020) from £16.99   |  Saving you £N/A (N/A%)   |  RRP £N/A

    An irreverent black comedy adapted by Frank Launder and Sidney Gilliat from their play, Meet a Body, The Green Man marked the directorial debut of camera operator Robert Day. A scintillating Alastair Sim plays Hawkins, a timid watchmaker with a part time job he is also a professional assassin who bumps off the people we love to hate. But when the philandering MP Sir Gregory Upshott (Raymond Huntley) is the intended target, vacuum cleaner salesman William Blake (George Cole) and Hawkins' new neighbour Ann Vincent (Jill Adams) repeatedly get in the way. As the time of the assassination draws ever closer and Hawkins tracks his victim to a dilapidated seaside hotel called the Green Man, the laughs and the tension steadily rise to a brilliant climax. An enormously entertaining farce that ticks all the genre's boxes (mistaken identities, compromising positions, much panicking and slamming of doors), the film makes an interesting companion piece to Ealing's The Ladykillers (1955). Extras: NEW Alastair Sim and The Green Man: Interview Stephen Fry NEW Interview with cultural historian Matthew Sweet Those British Faces: Alastair Sim Stills gallery

  • The Adventures Of Paddington - Paddington Finds A Pigeon & Other Episodes [DVD] [2020]The Adventures Of Paddington - Paddington Finds A Pigeon & Other Episodes | DVD | (18/05/2020) from £6.79   |  Saving you £N/A (N/A%)   |  RRP £N/A

  • Bad Boys For Life (2 Discs - 4K UHD & BD) [Blu-ray] [2020] [Region Free]Bad Boys For Life (2 Discs - 4K UHD & BD) | Blu Ray | (25/05/2020) from £24.99   |  Saving you £N/A (N/A%)   |  RRP £N/A

    The Bad Boys Mike Lowrey (Will Smith) and Marcus Burnett (Martin Lawrence) are back together for one last ride in the highly anticipated Bad Boys for Life.

  • Phase IV - Limited Edition [Blu-ray]Phase IV - Limited Edition | Blu Ray | (06/04/2020) from £17.79   |  Saving you £N/A (N/A%)   |  RRP £N/A

    101 Films presents 1970s scifi classic Phase IV (1974), a gripping and philosophical cult classic that examines humanity's place in the universe. Title 012 on the 101 Films Black Label and a UK Bluray debut, Phase IV is the only feature film directed by designer and filmmaker Saul Bass, this release includes his original ending, among a host of additional extras, including a bonus disc featuring the finest of the director's short films. This limited edition version features special packaging, and a booklet with newlycommissioned writing on the history of ˜killer bug' movies and the career of Saul Bass. In a sealed lab in the Arizona desert, scientists James Lesko (Michael Murphy, Manhattan) and Dr. Ernest Hubbs (Nigel Davenport, A Man for All Seasons) search for answers to an evolutionary shift in the ant population; the development of a collective intelligence and crossspecies hive mentality. With humanity under threat, the scientists are faced with the choice of either communicating with, or eradicating their antagonists. Features: New HD restoration The Original Saul Bass ending (plus optional commentary) An Ant's Life: Contextualising Phase IV Commentary with film historians Allan Bryce and Richard Holliss Limited Edition Booklet: includes Phase IV by Deborah Allison, and Adapt or Die: Killer Bug Cinema and Phase IV by Liam Hathaway Saul Bass: Short Films (Disc 2) The Searching Eye (1964) Why Man Creates (1968) Bass on Titles (1977) Notes on the Popular Arts (1978) The Solar Film (1980) Quest (1984) (new HD restoration)

  • After Midnight Limited Edition [Blu-ray]After Midnight Limited Edition | Blu Ray | (08/06/2020) from £20.35   |  Saving you £N/A (N/A%)   |  RRP £N/A

    A Broken Heart Was Bad Enough. Ten years into his small-town romance with Abby (Brea Grant, A Ghost Story), bartender Hank (Jeremy Gardner, Bliss) wakes up alone in an empty home with nothing but a cryptic parting note for company. As Hank drinks himself into heartbreak and depression, Abby's sudden departure soon becomes the least of his concerns as a mysterious monster starts clawing at his door on a nightly basis. As the threat outside his door intensifies, Hank calls on Abby's police officer brother Shane (Justin Benson, Synchronic) and best friend Wade (Henry Zebrowski, The Wolf of Wall Street) for help, but with no trace of the monster and his behaviour becoming more erratic his friends remain unconvinced of the creature lurking outside and Hank slips further into his own paranoia and loneliness. Expertly directed by Jeremy Gardner and Christian Stella (Tex Montana Will Survive!) and co-produced by the team behind Spring and The Endless, After Midnight is a twisted genre-bending gem with mesmerising performances and sublime cinematography about breaking up, moving on and facing your monsters both real and imaginary. Two-Disc Special Edition Contents: Limited to 2,500 units High Definition Blu-ray™ (1080p) presentations of After Midnight and Jeremy Gardner's first feature, The Battery available on Blu-ray for the first time in the UK Optional English subtitles for the deaf and hard of hearing Reversible sleeve with a choice of artwork designs Reversible fold-out poster Limited edition collector's booklet containing new writing on After Midnight by William Dass and an archive piece on The Battery by Jeremy Gardner Disc One: After Midnight Original 5.1 and 2.0 Stereo audio soundtracks Audio commentary with directors Christian Stella and Jeremy Gardner Lakeland Florida Q&A, featuring Stella, Gardner, actors Ashley Song, Nicola Masciotra and Taylor Zaudtke, script supervisor Elise Stella and 2nd assistant director Juan Ortiz Pitching ˜Something Else', Stella and Gardner pitch the character of Wade to Henry Zebrowski. Featuring an intro by producer Aaron Moorhead Self-Interview While Self-Quarantined During the Coronavirus Outbreak, brand new interview with actor and producer Justin Benson, recorded exclusively for this release Brea and Barak find Fantastic Fest Scooters, actors Brea Grant and Barak Hardley hunt down scooters following the Fantastic Fest screening of After Midnight Behind-the-scenes featurette Outtakes Behind-the-scenes image gallery Official international and UK trailers Disc Two: The Battery Original stereo audio Audio commentary featuring writer, director and actor Jeremy Gardner, producer and actor Adam Cronheim and director of photography Christian Stella The Making of The Battery, feature-length 90-minute documentary on the making of the film Featurette on the music of The Battery Outtakes Theatrical trailer

  • Color Out of Space [DVD] [2020]Color Out of Space | DVD | (06/04/2020) from £7.99   |  Saving you £N/A (N/A%)   |  RRP £N/A

  • Elvis 5 Movies Collection [DVD] [2020]Elvis 5 Movies Collection | DVD | (18/05/2020) from £14.99   |  Saving you £N/A (N/A%)   |  RRP £N/A

    Tune in with the ˜King of Rock and Roll' with a curated collection of his finest movies. Includes performances of hit songs Wooden Heart , Shoppin Around , Little Egypt , Can't Help Falling In Love', Rock-A-Hula Baby , Bossa Nova Baby and Return To Sender . Lightweight fun and soundtracks to get you on your feet, there is no better gift for Elvis superfans. Collection Includes: G.I Blues Tulsa, a soldier with dreams of running his own nightclub, places a bet with his friend Dynamite that he can win the heart of an untouchable dancer...but when Dynamite is transferred, Tulsa must replace him in the bet. Blue Hawaii After arriving back in Hawaii from the Army, Chad Gates (Elvis Presley) defies his parents' wishes for him to work at the family business and instead goes to work as a tour guide at his girlfriend's agency. Girls! Girls! Girls! When he finds out his boss is retiring to Arizona, a sailor has to find a way to buy the Westwind, a boat that he and his father built. He is also caught between two women: insensitive club singer Robin and sweet Laurel. Roustabout After a singer loses his job at a coffee shop, he finds employment at a struggling carnival, but his attempted romance with a teenager leads to friction with her father. Fun in Acapulco A yacht owner's spoiled daughter gets Mike fired, but a boy helps him get a job as singer at Acapulco Hilton etc. He upsets the lifeguard by taking his girl and 3 daily work hours.

  • Dream Demon [Blu-ray]Dream Demon | Blu Ray | (22/06/2020) from £20.98   |  Saving you £N/A (N/A%)   |  RRP £N/A

    A young bride-to-be's anxieties over her upcoming wedding take on a horrifying, demonic form in this underseen 1988 rubber reality shocker from director/co-writer Harley Cokeliss (Black Moon Rising), starring Timothy Spall and Jemma Redgrave. As her marriage to decorated war hero Oliver draws near, well-heeled Diana moves into her sprawling new London home where she starts to experience strange and terrifying nightmares. But are these blood-curdling night terrors merely the symptom of an unsettled mind, or the sign of something far sinister at work? Hounded by a pair of sleazy journalists (Timothy Spall and Jimmy Nail), Diana soon crosses paths with American tourist Jenny, who appears to have a strange connection to the foreboding house and its sinister past. Long dormant on home media since its original VHS release, Dream Demon - a terrific blend of psychological horror and late 80s practical gore effects - has at long-last been stirred from its analogue slumber and arrives on Blu-ray, newly-restored from the original camera negative and in a brand new Director's Cut! Special Edition Contents: Brand new 2K restoration from the original camera negative, supervised and approved by director Harley Cokeliss Director's Cut and Original Theatrical Version High Definition Blu-ray (1080p) presentation Original uncompressed stereo audio Optional English subtitles for the deaf and hard of hearing Brand new scene-select audio commentary with director Harley Cokeliss and producer Paul Webster Newly-filmed interview with director Harley Cokeliss Newly-filmed interview with producer Paul Webster Newly-filmed interview with actress Jemma Redgrave Newly-filmed interview with actor Mark Greenstreet Newly-filmed interview with actor Nickolas Grace Newly-filmed interview with actress Annabelle Lanyon Newly-filmed interview with composer Bill Nelson Foundations of Nightmare: The Making of Dream Demon - contemporary documentary taking a look behind the scenes of the production of Dream Demon, featuring on-set interviews with director Harley Cokeliss, producer Paul Webster, actors Timothy Spall, Jemma Redgrave, Kathleen Wilhoite, composer Bill Nelson and many more Image Galleries Original Theatrical Trailer Reversible sleeve featuring original and newly-commissioned artwork by Christopher Shy First pressing Only! Collector's booklet featuring new writing on the film by Anne Bilson, author of the Dream Demon novelisation, and director Harley Cokeliss Reversible poster featuring exclusive newly-commissioned artwork by Christopher Shy

  • Witchcraft [Blu-ray] [2020]Witchcraft | Blu Ray | (15/06/2020) from £17.99   |  Saving you £N/A (N/A%)   |  RRP £N/A

    Starring The Exorcist's Linda Blair and Knight Rider's David Hasselhoff Director Fabrizio Laurenti (Crawlers) brings you a creepy tale of terror, witchcraft and sacrifice. When pregnant Jane (Linda Blair) and her family visit a secluded island to check out a proposed real estate deal, things start to go wrong when they come across two trespassers, supernatural expert Leslie and her boyfriend Gary (David Hasselhoff). Forced to spend the night in a dilapidated house, the group are soon plunged into a nightmare of death and destruction at the hands of the powerful and mysterious Lady in Black (Hildegard Knef). La Casa/Witchery/Witchcraft is a carnage fuelled splatter fest, a rabid romp incorporating hauntings, possession and unexpected twists and turns. An entertainingly rare fi nd from video store hay day of Italian made scary movies, it will delight fans of late 80s horror, a weird and wonderful necessity for the cult, camp collector. Extras: Limited Edition Soft-Touch O-Card Limited Edition Collector's Booklet featuring behind the scene stills and an Essay by Andrew Graves HD Transfer in Original 1.66:1 Aspect Ratio Optional English Subtitles LPCM 2.0 Soundtrack Lighting Witchcraft - An Interview with Cinematographer Gianlorenzo Battaglia The Music of Witches - An Interview with Composer Carlo Maria Cordio The Witch's Mirage - An Interview with Acclaimed Film Director Luigi Cozzi Mirages and Witchcrafts - An Interview with Director Fabrizio Laurenti The Sound of Witchcraft - An Interview with Sound Technician Piero Parisi Return to Witchcraft: Before and After - Locations then and now filmed by Fabrizio Laurenti The Immigrant - A Short Film by Director Fabrizio Laurenti Original Trailer Reversible Sleeve Original Trailer Reversible Cover Art

  • Nightbreed [Blu-ray]Nightbreed | Blu Ray | (20/04/2020) from £11.98   |  Saving you £N/A (N/A%)   |  RRP £N/A

    From the mind of writer/director Clive Barker the macabre visionary responsible for Hellraiser and Candyman comes Nightbreed, a nightmare-induced fantasy set in a world like nothing you've ever experienced before one which will leave you questioning who the real monsters are. By night, Aaron Boone (Craig Sheffer, Teen Wolf) dreams of Midian, a hidden subterranean world where monsters have created a haven from humanity. Under pressure from his girlfriend Lori (Anne Bobby, Born on the Fourth of July), he attends psychotherapy sessions, unaware that his shrink, Dr Decker (Videodrome director David Cronenberg), is setting him up to take the fall for a series of violent murders. Convinced he no longer belongs in the human world, Boone goes in search of Midian not realising that the real killer has plans for both him and the colourful cast of outsiders who call it home The victim of studio interference and an unrepresentative marketing campaign, Nightbreed was poorly received by critics on its initial release and failed to ignite the box office, but has since undergone a radical reappraisal. Arrow Video is proud to present two versions of this depraved cult classic: the studio-approved theatrical cut and the reconstructed, reinvigorated director's cut, for the ultimate nightmarish viewing experience. 2-DISC SPECIAL EDITION CONTENTS High Definition Blu-ray™ (1080p) presentations of the 120-minute director's cut, transferred from the original camera negative, and the 102-minute theatrical cut, transferred from the original interpositive Lossless 5.1 DTS-HD Master Audio and uncompressed 2.0 PCM audio on the director's cut Uncompressed 2.0 PCM audio on the theatrical cut Optional English subtitles for the deaf and hard of hearing New audio commentary on the theatrical cut by critics Adrian J Smith and David Flint Audio commentary on the director's cut by writer/director Clive Barker and restoration producer Mark Alan Miller Introduction to the director's cut by Clive Barker and Mark Alan Miller Walking the Line Between Heaven and Hell, a new video interview with critic Kat Ellinger Memories of Midian, a new video interview with actor Nicholas Vince Speaking up for the Monsters, a new video interview with critic Kim Newman Tribes of the Moon: Making Nightbreed, an extensive documentary on the making of the film, featuring actors Craig Sheffer, Doug Bradley, Anne Bobby and many more Making Monsters, a documentary on the film's creature designs, featuring special makeup designer Bob Keen Fire! Fights! Stunts!, a video interview with second unit director Andy Armstrong Deleted and alternate scenes Monster Prosthetics Masterclass Cutting Compromise, a video interview with editor Mark Goldblatt The Painted Landscape, an exploration of the work of concept artist Ralph McQuarrie Matte painting tests Makeup tests Lost stop motion footage Extended torture scene Rehearsal test Theatrical trailer Rare TV spots Multiple image galleries, including early sketches, set photos, poster and pre-production art, stills from the UK launch party at Tower Records, and more Original screenplay (BD-ROM content) Reversible sleeve feature original and newly commissioned artwork by Gilles Vranckx

  • True History of the Kelly Gang [DVD]True History of the Kelly Gang | DVD | (06/07/2020) from £12.98   |  Saving you £N/A (N/A%)   |  RRP £N/A

    Based on Peter Carey s Booker Prize winning novel, Justin Kurzel's True History of the Kelly Gang shatters the mythology surrounding Ned Kelly to reveal the essence behind the life of the notorious icon. Hero to some, outlaw to others, Kelly (played by George MacKay) throws a long shadow over a specific period of Australian history. Spanning his life from his younger years to the time leading up to his death, the film explores the story behind this legendary figure. Nurtured by the notorious bushranger Harry Power (Russell Crowe) and fuelled by the unfair arrest of his mother (Essie Davis), Kelly recruits a wild bunch of warriors to plot a campaign of anarchy and rebellion that will grip the entire country. Youth and tragedy collide in the Kelly Gang, and at the beating heart of this tale is the fractured and powerful love story between a mother and son.

  • Cleanin' Up The Town: Remembering Ghostbusters [Blu-ray]Cleanin' Up The Town: Remembering Ghostbusters | Blu Ray | (22/06/2020) from £14.25   |  Saving you £N/A (N/A%)   |  RRP £N/A

    Cleanin Up The Town: Remembering Ghostbusters is the definitive retrospective documentary, charting the making of Ghostbusters, featuring Dan Aykroyd, Harold Ramis, Ernie Hudson, Sigourney Weaver and Ivan Reitman. The documentary hallmarks the extraordinary achievements made by the filmmakers working in the photo-chemical era. It reveals a story of ingenuity, innovation and emphasises just how ambitious an undertaking the making of Ghostbusters really was. 46 insightful, entertaining and heartfelt cast and crew interviews accompany a wealth of never before seen archive material. The documentary demonstrates how the filmmakers collectively defied adverse time constraints and all manner of technical challenges to make Ghostbusters, the movie that inadvertently changed the film industry forever. Blu-Ray Extras Deleted Scenes Additional Tales John DeCuir Extended Fan Art

  • Spies in Disguise Blu-ray [2019] [Region Free]Spies in Disguise Blu-ray | Blu Ray | (27/04/2020) from £14.99   |  Saving you £N/A (N/A%)   |  RRP £N/A

    Super spy Lance Sterling (Will Smith) and scientist Walter Beckett (Tom Holland) are almost exact opposites. Lance is smooth, suave and debonair. Walter is not. But what Walter lacks in social skills he makes up for in smarts and invention, creating the awesome gadgets Lance uses on his epic missions. But when events take an unexpected turn, Walter and Lance suddenly have to rely on each other in a whole new way. And if this odd couple can't learn to work as a team, the whole world is in peril. SPIES IN DISGUISE is an animated comedy set in the high-octane globe-trotting world of international espionage.

  • The Affair Season 5 (DVD) [2020]The Affair Season 5 (DVD) | DVD | (18/05/2020) from £19.99   |  Saving you £N/A (N/A%)   |  RRP £N/A

    In the aftermath of horrifi c events, Noah (Dominic West) and Helen (Maura Tierney) try to come to terms with the consequences of their choices. Just when things seem to have stabilised, a chance encounter with someone from the distant past sets in motion a sequence of events that brings them both to their knees. They realise they must face their past in order to truly move on. And some years in the future, Alison and Cole's now adult daughter Joanie (Anna Paquin) attempts to piece together the truth about what happened to her mother, bringing the fi nal season of the critically acclaimed series full circle.

  • Kwaidan (Masters of Cinema) Limited Edition Blu-rayKwaidan (Masters of Cinema) Limited Edition Blu-ray | Blu Ray | (27/04/2020) from £N/A   |  Saving you £N/A (N/A%)   |  RRP £N/A

    Winner of the Special Jury Prize at Cannes, Kwaidan features four nightmarish tales adapted from Lafcadio Hearn's classic Japanese ghost stories about mortals caught up in forces beyond their comprehension when the supernatural world intervenes in their lives: The Black Hair, The Woman of the Snow, Hoichi the Earless, and In a Cup of Tea. Breathtakingly photographed entirely on hand-painted sets, the film is an abstract wash of luminescent colours from another world. The Masters of Cinema Series is proud to present the complete 183-minute original Japanese cut of Masaki Kobayashi's masterpiece on Blu-ray for the first time in the UK. SPECIAL FEATURES Hardbound Slipcase 1080p presentation on Blu-ray from Criterion's 2K digital restoration of Kobayashi's original director's cut Original monaural Japanese soundtrack Optional English subtitles Kim Newman on Kwaidan a new interview with the film critic and writer Shadowings [35 mins] a new video essay by David Cairns and Fiona Watson Original trailers PLUS 100-PAGE Perfect Bound Illustrated Collector's book featuring reprints of Lafcadio Hearn's original ghost stories; a survey of the life and career of Masaki Kobayashi by Linda Hoaglund; and a wide ranging interview with the film maker the last he'd ever give

  • Emma (Blu-ray) [2020] [Region Free]Emma (Blu-ray) | Blu Ray | (22/06/2020) from £14.99   |  Saving you £N/A (N/A%)   |  RRP £N/A

    Jane Austen's beloved comedy about finding your equal and earning your happy ending, is reimagined in this delicious new film adaptation of EMMA. Handsome, clever, and rich, Emma Woodhouse is a restless queen bee without rivals in her sleepy little town. In this glittering satire of social class and the pain of growing up, Emma must adventure through misguided matches and romantic missteps to find the love that has been there all along. Bonus Features Feature Commentary with Director Autumn de Wilde, Screenwriter Eleanor Catton, and Director of Photography Christopher Blauvelt Deleted Scenes Gag Reel A Playful Tease

  • British Transport Films Vol 14: The Road Ahead (DVD)British Transport Films Vol 14: The Road Ahead (DVD) | DVD | (20/04/2020) from £14.09   |  Saving you £N/A (N/A%)   |  RRP £N/A

    Following the nationalisation of public transport in 1948, the British Transport Commission set up its own in-house film production unit. Launched on 1 May 1949, British Transport Films was led for 25 years by Edgar Anstey a founding father of the British documentary movement and became one of the largest industrial film units in Britain. This 2-disc collection includes 14 films never before released on DVD including Contact with the Heart of England, Railbus for the 80's, Five in Millions and Speedlink: The Quiet Revolution. Also included on this release is a new score for Safe on the Track? by composer Mordecai Smyth. Includes a fully illustrated booklet with new writing on the films by BFI curator and BTF expert Steven Foxon and post-war transport historian and enthusiast Stephen Edwards. This digitally remastered collection is a must for the transport enthusiast and the documentary aficionado alike. Extras/Episodes: Disc 1 Diesel Train Driver: Driving the Train (1959, 19 mins) Railway Electrification at Industrial Frequency (1960, 26 mins) Contact with the Heart of England (1967, 8 mins) Speed the Payload (1967, 15 mins) Safe on the Track? (1969, 11 mins) Flashing Yellows (1976, 10 mins) Railbus for the 80's (1978, 6 mins) Disc 2 Through to the Continent by Ferry Train (1978, 8 mins) Carriage Cleaning (1978, 28 mins) Great Britain: A Travel Guide (1978, 9 mins) Five in Millions (1978, 26 mins) Emergency Coupling Class 253/4 (1980, 14 mins) Safe at Work? (1980, 26 mins) Speedlink: The Quiet Revolution (1980, 9 mins)

  • Doctor Who - Complete Series 12 [Blu-ray] [2020]Doctor Who - Complete Series 12 | Blu Ray | (04/05/2020) from £35.00   |  Saving you £N/A (N/A%)   |  RRP £N/A

    Jodie Whittaker and friends are back with a bang! Doctor Who returns on New Year's Day with an epic and thrilling new series full of scares and surprises. The action packed series will introduce terrifying new monsters alongside the return of some familiar but not so friendly faces

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