"Actor: Alfred Burke"

  • Edgar Wallace Mysteries - Volume 4 [DVD]Edgar Wallace Mysteries - Volume 4 | DVD | (17/09/2012) from £17.53   |  Saving you £12.46 (71.08%)   |  RRP £29.99

    One of the twentieth century's most successful crime novelists, Edgar Wallace's thrillers have been widely adapted for film and television - the most memorable of which are the Edgar Wallace Mysteries series, made at Merton Park Studios during the first half of the 1960s. A noir-esque series, it updates some of the author's stories to more contemporary settings, blending classic B-movie elements with a distinctly British feel. Unseen for decades and freshly transferred from the original film elements specifically for this release, all 47 films will be released over seven volumes on DVD. This fourth volume includes top-notch performances from Alfred Burke, Barbara Shelley, Paul Daneman, Anton Diffring and Dawn Addams, and features scripts by Philip Mackie (The Naked Civil Servant), Roger Marshall (The Sweeney, Public Eye) and Richard Harris (The Darling Buds of May). Special Features: House of Mystery - A thriller made by Independant Artists Ltd during the same period as the Merton Park films Exclusive booket by author and critic Kim Newman Image Gallery PDF Material

  • The Man Upstairs [Blu-ray]The Man Upstairs | Blu Ray | (25/01/2021) from £14.90   |  Saving you £N/A (N/A%)   |  RRP £N/A

    Richard Attenborough gives a compelling performance in this gripping psychological drama as a hysteric approaching the limits of his sanity! Also featuring Donald Houston, Kenneth Griffith, Bernard Lee and Alfred Burke, The Man Upstairs is featured here as a brand-new High Definition remaster from original film elements in its as-exhibited aspect ratio. Insomniac Peter Watson lives in a state of perpetual crisis lodging in a run-down boarding house he becomes ever more manic and unpredictable. When he hits out at another tenant the police get involved and Watson finds himself trapped in an escalating drama in which the actions of those around him may help him... or harm him. SPECIAL FEATURE: Image gallery

  • Storyboard - The Complete Series [DVD]Storyboard - The Complete Series | DVD | (11/02/2013) from £10.99   |  Saving you £29.00 (263.88%)   |  RRP £39.99

    This highly regarded Thames anthology from the 1980s presented a diverse range of high-quality single dramas that would serve as pilots for possible future series. Among these screenplays were many notable successes: these included 'Woodentop', which introduced The Bill's much-loved characters PC Carver and WPC Ackland; 'Lytton's Diary', both created by and starring Peter Bowles; and linked screenplays The Traitor' and 'A Question of Commitment', featuring Alec McCowen in the role of master spycatcher Mr Palfrey. Episodes Comprise: Inspector Ghote Moves in. Judgement Day. Secrets. Woodentop. The Traitor. Lytton's Diary. King & Castle. Ladies in Charge. Thank You, Miss Jones. Making News. Snakes and Ladders. A Question of Commitment. Hunted Down. Special Features: Singles' Night: Starring Robin Nedwell. Originally produced as a Storyboard edition, this play was ultimately transmitted outside the series banner.

  • Model for Murder [DVD]Model for Murder | DVD | (27/04/2015) from £6.79   |  Saving you £3.20 (47.13%)   |  RRP £9.99

    American actor Keith Andes B-movie legend Michael Gough and horror icon Hazel Court feature in the cast of this heist thriller set against the elegance and glamour of the West End fashion world. Model for Murder is presented here in a brand-new transfer from original film elements in its as-exhibited theatrical aspect ratio. Mayfair dress designer Kingsley Beauchamp arranges with his crooked chauffeur for the theft of valuable jewellery on loan to his salon. His plan sets in motion a chain of violence and double-dealing – and one with dangerous consequences for David Martens an American sailor on shore leave who is unwittingly drawn into their machinations... Bonus Features: Image Gallery Promotional Material PDFs

  • Dead Lucky [DVD]Dead Lucky | DVD | (16/11/2015) from £6.39   |  Saving you £3.60 (36.00%)   |  RRP £9.99

    Vincent Ball, John le Mesurier and Alfred Burke star alongside Australian actress Betty McDowall in this noir-influenced crime thriller which sees a struggling reporter and a fashion editor uncovering double-dealing and murder in Mayfair! Directed by genre stalwart Montgomery Tully, Dead Lucky is presented in a brand-new transfer from the original film elements, in its as-exhibited theatrical aspect ratio. Mike Billings is a journalist working on 'exposures' of Mayfair gambling parties, but so far with little success. When Mike manages to infiltrate his first gambling party he's horrified to see his girlfriend Jenny there in the company of notorious gambler Lucky Lewis. When the party is raided by the police, Jenny leaves with Lucky. Next morning Lucky is found dead and Jenny admits that she went back to his flat for drinks... SPECIAL FEATURE: Image gallery

  • The Crunch and Other Stories [DVD]The Crunch and Other Stories | DVD | (25/09/2017) from £9.39   |  Saving you £N/A (N/A%)   |  RRP £N/A

    Best known for his pioneering Quatermass stories and harrowing adaptation of George Orwell's Nineteen Eighty Four, as well as later TV triumphs like The Stone Tape and The Woman in Black, Nigel Kneale is widely regarded as one of Britain's greatest scriptwriters. Making his name at the BBC in the 1950s, he subsequently wrote acclaimed dramas for ITV over the following decades of which three are presented here. The plays on this set showcase some of Kneale's most enduring themes: a deep sympathy for the plight of the individual facing an unimaginable threat; the unease and paranoia of the Cold War era, and fears of an uncertain near-future; and the volatility and potential menace of the crowd. THE CRUNCH stars Harry Andrews as a prime minister attempting to avert a nuclear catastrophe in London; Maxwell Shaw, Anthony Bushell and Peter Bowles are among his co-stars. LADIES' NIGHT is a chilling story of misogyny as members of a gentlemen's club turn on a woman who ridicules them; a strong cast includes Alfred Burke, Ronald Pickup and Bryan Pringle. GENTRY stars Roger Daltrey in a blackly comic suspense drama in which a couple buy a shabby house in an up-and-coming area but find themselves drawn into the aftermath of an armed robbery.

  • Village of the Damned / Children of the DamnedVillage of the Damned / Children of the Damned | DVD | (01/06/2007) from £7.99   |  Saving you £18.00 (225.28%)   |  RRP £25.99

    This release contains two suspenseful horror films from the 1960s: VILLAGE OF THE DAMNED and CHILDREN OF THE DAMNED.

  • The Pot Carriers [Blu-ray]The Pot Carriers | Blu Ray | (26/04/2021) from £14.99   |  Saving you £N/A (N/A%)   |  RRP £N/A

    Ronald Fraser reprises his role as a petty career criminal in the big-screen remake of ITV's 1960 hit comedy-drama Play of the Week. An authentic and original look at life behind bars, The Pot Carriers also stars Paul Massie as a first-time prisoner, Carole Lesley as the girl he left outside and Dennis Price in a memorable turn as the charming-but-unprincipled Smooth-Tongue Bertie. It is featured here as a High Definition remaster from original film elements in its original theatrical aspect ratio. James Rainbow is sentenced to twelve months for GBH. Assigned to prison kitchen duties, he is taken under the wing of several old lags led by Redband and becomes involved in some of their fiddles. Redband, however, is due to be released soon and wants to pull one really big fiddle before he goes! Special Features: Theatrical trailer Image gallery Those British Faces: Dennis Price

  • Public Eye [DVD]Public Eye | DVD | (12/11/2012) from £20.00   |  Saving you £79.99 (399.95%)   |  RRP £99.99

    Alfred Burke stars as down-at-heel Inquiry Agent Frank Marker in this critically acclaimed, long-running drama series. Always working the lower end of the spectrum - divorces, missing persons, bankruptcies - the public found a great affinity with Marker and the series was a huge success over its ten-year life span.

  • Enemy At The Door - The Complete Series [DVD] [1978]Enemy At The Door - The Complete Series | DVD | (12/10/2009) from £26.05   |  Saving you £23.94 (91.90%)   |  RRP £49.99

    The only piece of British soil to be occupied by the Germans during World War II the Channel Islands are the setting for Enemy at the Door - a gripping and sometimes harrowing account of the Islanders living under German rule.

  • The Brontes of Haworth - The Complete Series [DVD]The Brontes of Haworth - The Complete Series | DVD | (29/04/2013) from £14.99   |  Saving you £5.00 (33.36%)   |  RRP £19.99

    In their isolated world on the Yorkshire Moors, the Bronte sisters found an escape in the childhood fantasies that would help mould the novels now regarded as classics of world literature; the grey-stone parsonage at Haworth in which they spent much of their short lives has become a place of literary pilgrimage. In this acclaimed mini-series, distinguished playwright, author and critic Christopher Fry tells the extraordinary story of a troubled family of genius. Vickery Turner, Rosemary McHa...

  • Interpol Calling - The Complete Series [DVD]Interpol Calling - The Complete Series | DVD | (01/10/2012) from £12.99   |  Saving you £37.00 (284.83%)   |  RRP £49.99

    World crime is his target. Intelligence and style are his most deadly weapons. When Interpol's Inspector Paul Duval is on the case, international criminals are on the run. Tracking his targets from searing sand dunes near the equator to icy peaks at the ends of the earth, the unstoppable investigator risks his life daily in a global race against time. He has the persistence of Columbo and the style of Holmes - and not even the most elusive fugitive can hide when he is on the hunt.

  • Man Upstairs, The [DVD]Man Upstairs, The | DVD | (10/01/2011) from £11.98   |  Saving you £7.00 (77.86%)   |  RRP £15.99

    Richard Attenborough stars as Peter Watson The Man Upstairs. A man plagued by guilt. A man haunted by the past. A man tormented by the tragic events that have driven him to change his identity and take refuge in a rundown border house. But as the night draws on his mind slowly begins to unravel.

  • Public Eye - The ABC Years [DVD]Public Eye - The ABC Years | DVD | (27/08/2012) from £9.99   |  Saving you £10.00 (100.10%)   |  RRP £19.99

    Alfred Burke stars as down-at-heel Inquiry Agent Frank Marker in this critically acclaimed, long-running drama series. Always working the lower end of the spectrum - divorces, missing persons, bankruptcies - the public found a great affinity with Marker and the series was a huge success over its ten-year life span. In common with most series made in the 1960s, a large number of Public Eye episodes were junked, with only five shows known to exist from the first three series, made by ABC Television. Those five episodes are included here, alongside a 2009 interview with series star Alfred Burke.

  • A Midsummer Night's Dream [1996]A Midsummer Night's Dream | DVD | (03/12/2001) from £9.96   |  Saving you £3.02 (43.33%)   |  RRP £9.99

    With its clearcut "play within a play" narrative and simple contrasts between the human and spirit worlds, A Midsummer Night's Dream has long been a popular introduction to Shakespeare, and Adrian Noble's 1994 RSC production reinforces why. It's a colourful and physical presentation (the latter explains the PG rating), portraying character confrontations with often reckless abandon. The ploy of giving the whole play the appearance of a child's dream is a neat touch that doesn't quite work, as the child himself, Osheen Jones, can have only a minimal amount to do on stage. Casting the main actors in dual roles works well. Alex Jennings is secure as Theseus and Oberon, but Lindsay Duncan all but steals the show as Hippolyta and Titania; her amorous encounter with Bottom, given with gusto by Desmond Barrit, has a lewd quality that Elizabethan audiences might have appreciated. Despite his dreadful 1980s hairdo, Barry Lynch is animated as Puck, while Emily Raymond's plaintive Helena is the pick of the lovers. Howard Blake turns in a sensitive and atmospheric score. On the DVD: The 16:9 anamorphic picture reproduces excellently in the widescreen format, Dolby Surround sound vividly conveying the spatial realism of Noble's staging. No subtitles, which could be a drawback, but the 12 access points divide the 99-minute production into educational-sized chunks. Sensibly edited, and imaginatively directed, this production ought to have wide appeal. --Richard Whitehouse

  • Treasure Island (1977) [DVD]Treasure Island (1977) | DVD | (21/11/2016) from £11.09   |  Saving you £6.40 (57.71%)   |  RRP £17.49

    Treasure Island is a 1977 television adaptation of Robert Louis Stevenson's famous 1883 novel. It was filmed in 1977 on location in Plymouth and Dartford, and in Corsica, and also at BBC Television Centre at Wood Lane, London.Jim Hawkins (Ashley Knight) discovers a treasure map and embarks on a journey to find the treasure, but pirates led by Long John Silver (Alfred Burke) have plans to take the treasure for themselves by way of mutiny. This four-episode adaptation by John Lucarotti, while particularly faithful to the original, adds an expanded narrative concerning the declining Daniel Hawkins, as well as clarifying Squire Trelawney's naiveté in trusting Blandly and Silver.

  • The Angry Silence (Digitally restored) [DVD]The Angry Silence (Digitally restored) | DVD | (04/01/2016) from £9.99   |  Saving you £8.00 (80.08%)   |  RRP £17.99

    A film by Guy Green, The Angry Silence, is the heartfelt story of a young factory worker, Tom Curtis, played by Richard Attenborough. Curtis stands up against bullying union leaders and refuses to take part in an unofficial, wildcat strike. As a result, he is immediately ostracised by his fellow colleagues and is victimised by the union, circumstances that can only lead to a tragic climax.

  • Blue Lamp, The / The Nanny [1965]Blue Lamp, The / The Nanny | DVD | (23/06/2003) from £N/A   |  Saving you £N/A (N/A%)   |  RRP £15.99

    This is a double-feature of two British crime classics, The Blue Lamp (1949) and The Nanny (1965). The Blue Lamp is the film that introduced PC George Dixon, played by Jack Warner, later immortalised in the BBC's long-running Dixon of Dock Green (1955-76). Here Dixon's murder is the catalyst for an exciting London manhunt, shot largely on location in a fast-moving, starkly efficient style showing the influence of The Naked City (1948). The war-damaged East End and the car chases through almost vehicle-free streets offer a documentary-like vision of a London now long gone, and a young Dirk Bogarde makes a serious impact in an early starring role. In contrast, The Nanny has a superstar, the imported Hollywood legend Bette Davis, in the declining years of her career. Just one of three psychological thrillers Hammer produced in 1965 (the others were Frantic and Hysteria), the film capitalises on the popularity of Davis's Whatever Happened to Baby Jane? (1962) with a comparable mix of hateful insanity and paranoia. The screenplay skilfully juggles the audience's sympathies between a superb Davis and the dysfunctional family of which she becomes a part, developing a powerful sense of dread which shows such clichéd later fare as The Hand That Rocks the Cradle (1992) how to do this sort of thing with real class. On the DVD: The Blue Lamp and The Nanny are presented in black and white with adequate mono sound. The Blue Lamp is in its original 4:3 ratio; The Nanny is cropped from its theatrical 1.85:1 to 4:3, though it's only in a few shots that it becomes obvious that information is missing at the sides of the screen. The print of The Blue Lamp is soft and grainy, while The Nanny is grainy with a considerable amount of flicker. There are no extras. --Gary S. Dalkin

  • Public Eye - The Complete 1975 Series [DVD]Public Eye - The Complete 1975 Series | DVD | (06/07/2009) from £55.33   |  Saving you £-15.34 (N/A%)   |  RRP £39.99

    Alfred Burke stars as private eye Frank Marker in the long running drama series featuring all 13 episodes from the final 1975 series.

  • Public Eye - The Complete 1971 SeriesPublic Eye - The Complete 1971 Series | DVD | (08/08/2005) from £N/A   |  Saving you £N/A (N/A%)   |  RRP £29.99

    Alfred Burke stars as Frank Marker - a down at heels private investigator - in the long-running and critically acclaimed detective series. Never far from the top ten on original broadcast Public Eye is a fondly remembered series about a charcter who takes the 'low rent' side of the PI business - divorces wards of court missing persons and so forth. This digitally restored set features all thirteen episodes of the complete 1971 series. Episodes comprise: 1. A Mug Named Frank 2. Well - There Was This Girl You See... 3. Slip Home In The Dark 4. I Always Wanted A Swimming Pool 5. The Beater And The Game 6. Come Into The Garden Rose 7. And When You've Paid The Bill You're None The Wiser 8. Who Wants To Be Told Bad News? 9. The Man Who Didn't Eat Sweets 10. Ward Of Court 11. Transatlantic Cousins 12. Shades Of White 13. John VII. Verse 24

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