"Actor: Alfred Burke"

  • Public Eye - The Complete 1969 SeriesPublic Eye - The Complete 1969 Series | DVD | (19/07/2004) from £N/A   |  Saving you £N/A (N/A%)   |  RRP £39.99

    Public Eye is a private detective series starring Alfred Burke as Frank Marker. The series originally ran on the ABC network during the 1960's resurrected by Thames in 1969 and then produced a further 6 series before the show ended in 1975.

  • The Angry Silence (Digitally restored) [Blu-ray]The Angry Silence (Digitally restored) | Blu Ray | (04/01/2016) from £12.99   |  Saving you £10.00 (43.50%)   |  RRP £22.99

    A film by Guy Green, The Angry Silence, is the heartfelt story of a young factory worker, Tom Curtis, played by Richard Attenborough. Curtis stands up against bullying union leaders and refuses to take part in an unofficial, wildcat strike. As a result, he is immediately ostracised by his fellow colleagues and is victimised by the union, circumstances that can only lead to a tragic climax.

  • Tales Of The Unexpected: The Complete Third SeriesTales Of The Unexpected: The Complete Third Series | DVD | (13/11/2006) from £14.83   |  Saving you £5.16 (34.79%)   |  RRP £19.99

    Roald Dahl's chillingly brilliant anthology series Tales of the Unexpected makes an expected return to DVD. Although widely-regarded as one of the greatest children's authors of all-time Roald Dahl also wrote chilling adult fiction taking the twisted ideas used to entertain children and thrilling adults with similar themes. Much-gossiped about in its day the surprising stories - usually with a sting in the tale - enthralled a nation the moment the iconic titles started. Episodes Comprise: 1. The Flypaper 2. A Picture Of A Place 3. Proof Of Guilt 4. Vengeance Is Mine Inc. 5. A Girl Can't Always Have Everything 6. Parson's Pleasure 7. The Stinker 8. I'll Be Seeing You 9. The Party

  • Public Eye - The Complete 1972-3 SeriesPublic Eye - The Complete 1972-3 Series | DVD | (06/04/2009) from £N/A   |  Saving you £N/A (N/A%)   |  RRP £29.99

    Alfred Burke stars as down-at-heel Inquiry Agent Frank Marker in this critically acclaimed, long-running drama series. Always working the lower end of the spectrum - divorces, missing persons, bankruptcies - the public found a great affinity with Marker and the series was a huge success over its ten-year life span. This set contains all 13 episodes from the 1972/3 series - complete and uncut. The Bankrupt: How is a bankrupt riding around in a Rolls Royce? Girl in Blue: Marker is hired to find a missing daughter. Many a Slip: Can a doctors wife be a potential credit defaulter? Mrs. Podmores Cat: Markers telephone is cut off because of an unpaid bill. The Man who Said Sorry: Who is the stranger that turns up late at Markers office? Horse and Carriage: Its Christmas, but does anyone have goodwill for Marker? A Family Affair: Why was an old mans estate divided between his sons and housekeeper? The Golden Boy: Why has a young scholar disappeared without trace? The Windsor Royal: Who has stolen two bushes of roses from Lawrences Nurseries? Its a Womans Privilege: Why has Mrs. Mortimer paid Marker a visit? Home and Away: Is a football fanatic really playing away with another woman? Egg and Cress Sandwiches: Who has been writing poison pen letters to the churchwarden? The Trouble with Jenny: Why has one of Markers fellow guests tried to gas herself?

  • The Single Play [DVD]The Single Play | DVD | (31/12/2099) from £15.44   |  Saving you £N/A (N/A%)   |  RRP £N/A

    For half a century the single play was the dominant form of television entertainment and an art form in and of itself. Personal, political, comedic, dramatic a single play could be any (and all) of these, the fearlessness of the creatives and the willingness of the audience allowing a level of variety and experimentation that will never occur again.Showcasing specially selected plays from the archives, this ongoing collection shows how compelling and varied these shows could be, with many unseen since their original transmission.NEIGHBOURS (1970)Good fences make good neighbours; everyone is entitled to be alone. A woman sits in a room. A neighbour comes to call. But what does he want? And why won't he leave? And what will be the outcome of their disturbing hour together?Starring JUDI DENCH and CALVIN LOCKHARTWritten by JAMES SAUNDERS Directed by BRIAN MILLSA ROD OF IRON (1980)In David Mercer's International Emmy Award-winning drama, two brothers come home for the first time in years to be at their dying mother's bedside. They are stunned to hear their father confess his true feelings towards his wife and now adult sons.Starring ALFRED BURKE, NIGEL HAWTHORNE and EDWARD WOODWARDWritten by DAVID MERCER Directed by DAVID CUNLIFFE

  • Kim [1984]Kim | DVD | (21/10/2002) from £N/A   |  Saving you £N/A (N/A%)   |  RRP £12.99

    An adaptation of Rudyard Kipling's classic tale. Kim (Ravi Sheth) is a happy-go-lucky but street-wise fifteen year-old urchin in India in the 1890s. He lives by his wits but his kind heart has earned him the nickname of 'Friend of All The World'. There are two main influences on Kim's life: Mahbub Ali (Bryan Brown) the tough wily Afghan owner of a horse-train and a saintly old train-loving Buddhist Lama (Peter O'Toole) whom he meets in Lahore. Following a chance meeting with the British Maverick Regiment and its chaplain Kim learns that he is the son of a deserter...

  • Enemy At The Door - Series 2 - CompleteEnemy At The Door - Series 2 - Complete | DVD | (28/04/2008) from £N/A   |  Saving you £N/A (N/A%)   |  RRP £29.99

    It's 1942 and the Channel Islands are still held tightly in the Germans' grip. Dr. Martel is currently serving a term of imprisonment in France and his family are finding it hard to get along without him as are the Germans who cannot get along with his replacement on the Civilian Controlling Committee.

  • Enemy At The Door - Series 1 - CompleteEnemy At The Door - Series 1 - Complete | DVD | (28/04/2008) from £29.68   |  Saving you £0.31 (1.04%)   |  RRP £29.99

    The only piece of British soil to be occupied by the Germans during World War II the Channel Islands are the setting for Enemy at the Door - a gripping and sometimes harrowing account of the Islanders living under German rule. The series starred Alfred Burke as Major Richter Bernard Horsfall as Dr. Philip Martel and Simon Cadell as SS Hauptsturmfhrer Reinicke. Episodes Comprise: By Order of the Fuhrer The Librarian After The Ball Steel Hand from the Sea The Laws and Usages of War V for Victory The Polish Affaire Officers of the Law Jerry Bag Treason Pains and Penalties The Prussian Officer The Judgement of Solomon

  • The Angry Silence [1960]The Angry Silence | DVD | (25/06/2001) from £N/A   |  Saving you £N/A (N/A%)   |  RRP £9.99

    Guy Green's film represented the beginning of a lack of solidarity in unions as Tom Curtis (Richard Attenborough) with wife Anna (Pier Angeli) expecting a child refuses to join an unofficial strike in his machine shop and becomes the victim of assaults both mental and physical. Acclaimed as one of the most moving and powerful films ever made in Britain The Angry Silence won unprecedented acclaim. Within a week of its opening it had become the most talked-about film in the country

  • Enemy At The DoorEnemy At The Door | DVD | (14/08/2006) from £N/A   |  Saving you £N/A (N/A%)   |  RRP £29.99

    Enemy At The Door is set during World War II in German-occupied Channel Islands and describes the relationship between the German conquerers and the English natives. Episodes Comprise: 1. By Order Of The Fuhrer 2. The Librarian 3. After The Ball 4. Steel Hand From The Sea 5. The Laws And Usages Of War 6. 'V' For Victory 7. The Polish Affaire 8. Officers Of The Law 9. The Jerrybag 10. Treason 11. Pains And Penalties 12. The Prussian Officer 13. Judgment Of Solomon

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