"Actor: Allen Payne"

  • The Perfect Storm [2000]The Perfect Storm | DVD | (17/04/2019) from £5.48   |  Saving you £11.50 (461.85%)   |  RRP £13.99

    George Clooney & Mark Wahlberg star in this spectacular tale of a fishing boat caught at sea during the worse storm ever recorded.

  • New Jack City [1991]New Jack City | DVD | (01/06/2006) from £5.99   |  Saving you £14.00 (70.00%)   |  RRP £19.99

    Some pundits called it a flawed, exploitative action film that glamorised drug dealing and the luxury of a lucrative criminal lifestyle, spawning a trend of films that attracted youth gangs and provoked violence in cinemas. Others hailed it as a breakthrough movie that depicted drug dealers as ruthless, corrupt, and evil, leading dead-end lives that no rational youth would want to emulate. However you interpret it, New Jack City is still one of the first and best films of the 1990s to crack open the underworld of cocaine and peer inside with its eyes wide open. It's also the film that established Wesley Snipes as an actor to watch, with enough charisma to bring an insidious quality of seduction to his role as coke-lord Nino Brown, and enough intelligence to portray a character deluded by his own sense of indestructible power. Director Mario Van Peebles stretched his otherwise-limited talent to bring vivid authenticity and urgency to this crime story, and subplots involving a pair of tenacious cops (Ice-T, Judd Nelson) and a recovering coke addict (Chris Rock) provide additional dramatic tension. Although some critics may hesitate to admit it, New Jack City deserves mention in any serious discussion about African American filmmakers and influential films. --Jeff Shannon

  • Vampire In Brooklyn [1996]Vampire In Brooklyn | DVD | (01/07/2002) from £8.08   |  Saving you £4.91 (37.80%)   |  RRP £12.99

    A Comic Tale Of Horror And Seduction. Eddie Murphy's got the bite stuff in this movie mix of bone-chilling horror and chill-out comedy directed by Wes Craven (A Nightmare On Elm Street). As the vampire Maximillian the popular star is the most diabolical dashing and definitely undead dude in the 'hood'. To add to the macabre fun Murphy morphs into two other must-see characters: a paunchy preacher and a fast talking thug. Angela Bassett (The Score) plays the cop whose world is

  • Perfect Storm / Three Kings / Deep Blue Sea [1999]Perfect Storm / Three Kings / Deep Blue Sea | DVD | (29/09/2003) from £N/A   |  Saving you £N/A (N/A%)   |  RRP £22.99

    Perfect Storm: George Clooney and Mark Wahlberg lead a talented cast in this harrowing special-effects adventure that intercuts the plight of seafarers struggling to reach safe harbor with the heroics of air/sea rescue crews. Directed by Wolfgang Petersen The Perfect Storm tosses excitement your way in waves. Three Kings: The Gulf War is over. Operation Desert Storm is no more. Now three American soldiers have the opportunity of a lifetime; to become Three Kings. Amid the partying and confusion three soldiers disappear into the Iraqi desert to find millions in stolen Kuwaiti bullion and are plunged into the heart of a democratic uprising that spins the day - and their lives - out of control. Deep Blue Sea: Researchers on the undersea laboratory Aquatica have genetically altered the brains of captive sharks to develop a potential cure for Alzheimer's disease. There is one unexpected side effect. The sharks are getting smarter. Which could mean trouble for the researchers. And lunch for the sharks.

  • Double PlatinumDouble Platinum | DVD | (11/10/2004) from £2.99   |  Saving you £3.00 (50.10%)   |  RRP £5.99

    Legendary recording artist and Oscar nominee Diana Ross stars with multi-platinum Grammy Award winning singer and actress Brandy in this compelling story of a mother driven to reach the heights of superstardom at the cost of abandoning her only child. With dazzling performances from both stars the film includes an exclusive duet ""Love Is All That Matters."" Eighteen years after leaving her baby daughter in pursuit of fame Olivia (Diana Ross) returns to seek out Kayla (Brandy) and make amends for the past. With years of experience and well placed contacts Olivia helps Kayla realize her own dream of singing stardom. But their fragile mother-daughter bond is tested when Kayla's success threatens to surpass her mother's... Together they must discover that love is more powerful than ambition and family more important than fame.

  • CB4 [DVD] [1993]CB4 | DVD | (25/01/2006) from £9.43   |  Saving you £0.56 (5.94%)   |  RRP £9.99

    A rockumentary, covering the rise to fame of MC Gusto, Stab Master Arson, and Dead Mike: members of the rap group "CB4"

  • New Jack City [1991]New Jack City | DVD | (23/01/2006) from £15.92   |  Saving you £1.07 (6.30%)   |  RRP £16.99

    There's a new kind of criminal on the streets - ruthless gangsters who have turned drug trafficking into highly lucrative inner-city corporations and who got a ""New Jack"" way of dress music and culture. There's a new kind of cop too. They're the tough young New Jack cops who grew up on the streets and who alone know how to bring these ruthless mobsters down...

  • Double Platinum [1999]Double Platinum | DVD | (19/06/2000) from £N/A   |  Saving you £N/A (N/A%)   |  RRP £5.99

    A soapy backstage melodrama originally produced for network broadcast, Double Platinum downplays showbiz verisimilitude to turn on the tears. With 60s soul queen Diana Ross and 90s pop princess Brandy sharing production credit as well as billing, this formulaic tearjerker focuses on its stars' dramatic chops more than their musical prowess, a choice that won't deter their respective audiences, even as it disappoints less partisan music fans who might have hoped for a stronger musical component.Olivia King (Ross) is the former St. Louis housewife who abandoned her family for pop stardom, only to return 18 years later determined to meet, and reconcile with, her daughter, Kayla (Brandy), now nurturing her own footlight fantasies. But when the prodigal mom finally does reveal herself to the bright, feisty teen, Kayla is outraged and then hard-boiled. Olivia's offer to help the undeniably talented girl make industry contacts is accepted, with the bitter caveat that the superstar should abandon any hopes of a true maternal bond with her embittered daughter. The usually imperious Olivia meekly accepts those terms, while the secretly yearning Kayla keeps up her tough-cookie cover, but the plot telegraphs its ultimate destination, even as the tears flow.Both stars acquit themselves well in the story's stormier clashes, and the emotional tug of the story is well engineered to soak hankies. Less credulous viewers will be hampered by the original songs--when Ross steps on-stage, her regal demeanour and flashy (if occasionally silly) gowns support her supposed status as a legend, but the utterly forgettable, generic songs she mouths deflate that image. That said, viewers less interested in the actual music than the glitzy idea of the two characters may well be content to wallow in the waterworks of a story that could as easily have been titled Divas: The Next Generation. --Sam Sutherland, Amazon.com

  • The Perfect Storm [2000]The Perfect Storm | DVD | (25/11/2000) from £N/A   |  Saving you £N/A (N/A%)   |  RRP £20.99

    In October 1991 the fishing community of Gloucester Massachusetts experienced the full wrath of Mother Nature when a freak meteorological event produced the fiercest storm in modern history. Director Wolfgang Petersen has fashioned this heroic true story (as chronicled in Sebastian Junger's bestseller) into a star-laden blockbuster employing computer power to whip up the terrifying titular storm. George Clooney plays Billy Tyne captain of the Andrea Gail who has been plagued by bad luck at sea and is on a poor run of catches. Frustrated by the huge hauls of the Hannah Boden captained by Linda Greenlaw (Mary Ann Mastrantonio) Tyne decides to head back out to sea for the Flemish Cap a remote area renowned for its rich fishing prospects. He is joined by a number of his regular crew including Billy Shatford (Mark Wahlberg) Dale Murphy (John C Reilly) David Sullivan (William Fichtner) Alfred Pierre (Allen Payne) and Michael Moran (John Hawkes). Sure enough Tyne's luck changes for the better at the Flemish Cap and the Andrea Gail catches a full haul. Buoyed by the money that awaits them back home the crew sets off back to Gloucester but disturbing weather patterns hamper their progress and they soon find themselves battling against 100ft waves and 120mph winds that threaten to tear the boat apart. Includes the Novel and the HBO 20 minute documentary 'Creating the Storm' highlighting the groundbreaking special effects and story behind the movie.

  • Perfect Storm, The (Limited Edition DVD Box Set with Senitype Signed by George Clooney) (2000)Perfect Storm, The (Limited Edition DVD Box Set with Senitype Signed by George Clooney) (2000) | DVD | (27/11/2000) from £N/A   |  Saving you £N/A (N/A%)   |  RRP £124.99

  • The Perfect Storm (Deluxe Series) [2000]The Perfect Storm (Deluxe Series) | DVD | (04/12/2000) from £N/A   |  Saving you £N/A (N/A%)   |  RRP £49.99

    George Clooney & Mark Wahlberg star in this spectacular tale of a fishing boat caught at sea during the worse storm ever recorded.

  • Urban Two PackUrban Two Pack | DVD | (11/08/2005) from £N/A   |  Saving you £N/A (N/A%)   |  RRP £N/A

    Blue Hill Avenue: Four friends, Tristan (Allen Payne), Simon (Michael Taliferro), E-Bone (William L. Johnson) and Money (Aaron D. Spears), are street smart kids growing up in the tough Mattapan section of Boston in the 1980s. Starting out as small-time dope dealers on Blue Hill Avenue in Mattapan Square, they eventually go to work for Benny (Clarence Williams III), a major player in the Boston crime scene. As the four friends grow up and become the biggest dealers in the city, things become.


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