"Actor: Audrey Tautou"

  • Amelie [DTS] [2001]Amelie | DVD | (15/04/2002) from £5.99   |  Saving you £14.00 (233.72%)   |  RRP £19.99

    She'll change your life. Amelie Poulain (Audrey Tautou) is a young woman who glides through the streets of Paris: observing. With wide eyes and a tiny grin she sees the world in a magical light discovering minor miracles every day. A shy girl whose favorite moments are spent alone skimming stones into the water Amelie was raised by a pair of eccentrics who falsely diagnosed her with a heart problem at the age of six and so limited her exposure to the outside world. Now a free an

  • The Da Vinci Code (1 Disc Edition)  [2006]The Da Vinci Code (1 Disc Edition) | DVD | (15/01/2007) from £2.99   |  Saving you £17.00 (568.56%)   |  RRP £19.99

    Tom Hanks headlines this big screen adaptation of Dan Brown's global hit novel.

  • Amelie [2001][Blu-ray]Amelie | Blu Ray | (17/10/2011) from £9.25   |  Saving you £8.74 (94.49%)   |  RRP £17.99

    With its use of special effects to express the main character's internal emotions, Jean-Pierre Jeunet's Amelie could have been mistaken for a French version of Ally McBeal; however, unlike Ally--"woe is me for I cannot find a man"--McBeal, Amelie is not distressed by the lack of men in her life, in fact the whole idea of sex seems to amuse her no end. Basic pleasures such as cracking the top of a Crème Brule offer her all the sensual satisfaction she needs and her existence in the "Paris of Dreams" is the stuff of fairy tales. Indeed, this cinematic treat must have worked wonders for the Paris tourist board: Jeunet's beautiful interpretation of Parisian life is depicted in all the vibrant colours you would expect from the director of Delicatessen. On the DVD: Amelie has received an additional disc for this special edition release. Disc 1 is the same as the original single-disc release, with a choice of DTS or Dolby 5.1 sound and an 16.9 anamorphic widescreen picture with optional director's commentary. The second disc contains the new special features and, just like original disc, a lot of thought has gone into the access menu with its lavish graphics offering the choice of entering the Café, the Canal or the Station. Yet the most exciting extra in name--"Audrey Tautou's funny face"--is simply a series of out-takes which does little more than allow you to warm to Tautou as a person. The home movie includes the transformation of Tautou into Amelie and the creation of the "photo-booth album". There are also interesting interviews with Jeunet and the cast and crew, and a nice little section themed around the gnome and his travels. Along with this is a storyboard-to-screen exposition, behind-the-scenes pictures, scene tests, teasers and trailers. All in all a decent enough package, but hardly warranting the special edition label. It's hard not to wonder why Momentum didn't offer this set two months earlier. --Nikki Disney

  • A Very Long Engagement [2004]A Very Long Engagement | DVD | (02/01/2006) from £4.22   |  Saving you £16.03 (541.55%)   |  RRP £18.99

    Audrey Tautou searches for her lost love in this emotional WW1 drama from Amelie director Jean-Pierre Jeunet.

  • Delicacy [DVD]Delicacy | DVD | (06/08/2012) from £9.79   |  Saving you £8.20 (45.60%)   |  RRP £17.99

    A French woman is courted by a Swedish co-worker even though she is still mourning over the death of her husband three years earlier.

  • Pot LuckPot Luck | DVD | (25/10/2004) from £20.23   |  Saving you £-2.24 (N/A%)   |  RRP £17.99

    A riotous comedy hit about a bunch of students on the loose in Barcelona learning lessons about life love and finding a future. Romain Duris is the young Parisian who embarks on a European exchange scheme in Spain's most exuberant city - and has to take pot luck by sharing an apartment with a culturally diverse group of fellow students including two Brits. He says farewell to his family and girlfriend (Audrey Tautou) - and then the fun begins!

  • The Da Vinci Code/ Angels and Demons Double Pack [DVD]The Da Vinci Code/ Angels and Demons Double Pack | DVD | (24/10/2011) from £5.99   |  Saving you £6.00 (150.38%)   |  RRP £9.99

    Special Features: Writing Angels and Demons Handling Props This is an Ambigram

  • Delicacy [Blu-ray]Delicacy | Blu Ray | (06/08/2012) from £3.99   |  Saving you £19.00 (476.19%)   |  RRP £22.99

    A French woman is courted by a Swedish co-worker even though she is still mourning over the death of her husband three years earlier.

  • The Da Vinci CodeThe Da Vinci Code | DVD | (16/10/2006) from £N/A   |  Saving you £N/A (N/A%)   |  RRP £24.99

    Tom Hanks headlines this big screen adaptation of Dan Brown's global hit novel.

  • Priceless [2007]Priceless | DVD | (13/10/2008) from £5.38   |  Saving you £14.61 (271.56%)   |  RRP £19.99

    A fantastically stylish comedy/drama featuring "Amelie" star Audrey Tautou and Gad Elmaleh as two warring con-artists who find themselves drawn to each other despite their strange games.

  • He Loves Me, He Loves Me Not [2002]He Loves Me, He Loves Me Not | DVD | (28/04/2003) from £9.76   |  Saving you £13.22 (195.27%)   |  RRP £19.99

    In He Loves Me, He Loves Me Not the adorable Audrey Tautou from Amelie plays the central role in a deceptive story of a rather unusual romance. It would spoil the film's clever design to reveal what happens halfway through, so let's just say that Tautou is cast as a winsome girl in the sunny town of Bordeaux whose relationship with a married doctor has more layers than first it seems. Samuel LeBihan, from Brotherhood of the Wolf, plays the doctor, but it's the casting of cutie-pie Tautou that sets up the movie's gradually sinister undertow. Director Laetitia Colombani's inventive structure plays a satisfyingly tricky game with the audience, and may have some viewers going back to the beginning to make sure they saw what they thought they saw. Just don't go in expecting Amelie, Deuxième Partie and you should find this an ingenious little number. --Robert Horton

  • The Da Vinci Code [Blu-ray][Region Free]The Da Vinci Code | Blu Ray | (19/09/2011) from £6.99   |  Saving you £6.00 (85.84%)   |  RRP £12.99

    Dan Brown's international bestseller comes alive in the film The Da Vinci Code, directed by Ron Howard with a screenplay by Akiva Goldsman. Join symbologist Robert Langdon (Academy Award(r) Winner Tom Hanks, 1993 Best Actor, Philadelphia, and 1994 Best Actor, Forrest Gump) and cryptologist Sophie Neveu (Audrey Tautou) in their heart-racing quest to solve a bizarre murder mystery that will take them from France to England -- and behind the veil of a mysterious ancient society, where they discover a secret protected since the time of Christ.

  • Coco Before Chanel [DVD] [2009]Coco Before Chanel | DVD | (23/11/2009) from £4.19   |  Saving you £15.80 (79.00%)   |  RRP £19.99

    Audrey Tautou stars in this biopic of Gabrielle Chanel, who began her life as a headstrong orphan, only to become the legendary couturier who embodied the modern woman and became a timeless symbol of success, freedom and style.

  • Therese Desqueyroux [DVD]Therese Desqueyroux | DVD | (17/04/2019) from £7.69   |  Saving you £8.30 (107.93%)   |  RRP £15.99

    1926: In the French region of Landes near Bordeaux marriages are arranged to merge property and unite neighbouring families. Thus young Thérèse Larroque becomes Madame Desqueyroux. However her avant-garde ideas soon clash with local conventions and her domineering husband and in order to break free from the fate imposed upon her she will resort to tragically extreme measures...

  • The Da Vinci Code [Blu-ray] [2006] [Region Free]The Da Vinci Code | Blu Ray | (08/02/2016) from £11.98   |  Saving you £N/A (N/A%)   |  RRP £N/A

    Critics and controversy aside, The Da Vinci Code is a verifiable blockbuster. Combine the film's huge worldwide box-office take with over 100 million copies of Dan Brown's book sold, and The Da Vinci Code has clearly made the leap from pop-culture hit to a certifiable franchise (games and action figures are sure to follow). The leap for any story making the move from book to big screen, however, is always more perilous. In the case of The Da Vinci Code, the story is concocted of such a preposterous formula of elements that you wouldn't envy Akiva Goldsman, the screenwriter who was handed a potentially unfilmable book and asked to make a filmable script out of it. Goldsman's solution was to have the screenplay follow the book as closely as possible, with a few needed changes, including a better ending. The result is a film that actually makes slightly better entertainment than the book. So if you're like most of the world, by now you've read the book and know that it starts out as a murder mystery. While lecturing in Paris, noted Harvard Professor of Symbology Robert Langdon (Tom Hanks) is summoned to the Louvre by French police help decipher a bizarre series of clues left at the scene of the murder of the chief curator, Jacques Sauniere. Enter Sophie Neveu (Audrey Tautou), gifted cryptologist and Sauniere's granddaughter. Neveu and Langdon are forced to team up to solve the mystery, and from there the story is propelled across Europe as it balloons into a modern-day mini-quest for the Holy Grail, complete with alternative theories about the life of Christ, ancient secret societies headed by historical figures like Leonardo Da Vinci, secret codes, conniving bishops, daring escapes, car chases, and, of course, a murderous albino monk controlled by a secret master who calls himself "The Teacher." Taken solely as a mystery thriller, the movie almost works--despite some gaping holes--mostly just because it keeps moving forward at the breakneck pace set in the book. Brown's greatest trick might have been to have the entire story take place in a day so that the action is forced to keep going, despite some necessary pauses for exposition. Hanks and Tautou are just fine together but not exactly a memorable screen pair; meanwhile, Sir Ian McKellen's scenery-chewing as pivotal character Sir Leigh Teabing is just what the film needs to keep it from taking itself too seriously. In the end, this hit movie is just like a good roller-coaster ride: try not to think too much about it--just sit back and enjoy the trip. --Daniel Vancini, Amazon.com

  • A Very Long Engagement [2004]A Very Long Engagement | DVD | (13/06/2005) from £N/A   |  Saving you £N/A (N/A%)   |  RRP £15.99

    Audrey Tautou searches for her lost love in this emotional WW1 drama from Amelie director Jean-Pierre Jeunet.

  • Chinese Puzzle [DVD]Chinese Puzzle | DVD | (13/10/2014) from £11.49   |  Saving you £N/A (N/A%)   |  RRP £N/A

    Xavier's life is turned upside down when his wife Wendy announces she's moving to NY and taking the kids. A few months later he's on a trans-Atlantic flight as well. From fathering a child to a lesbian couple to marrying a Chinese-American to get papers to reigniting a flame with his first love who comes for a visit Xavier and his world really do seem like a Chinese Puzzle... Directed by Cédric Klapisch (Paris) Chinese Puzzle is a romantic comedy starring Romain Duris (Heartbreaker) Audrey Tautou (Amélie) Cécile de France (Hereafter) and Kelly Reilly (Sherlock Holmes).

  • Beautiful Lies [DVD]Beautiful Lies | DVD | (07/11/2011) from £7.99   |  Saving you £10.00 (55.60%)   |  RRP £17.99

    Emilie (Audrey Tautou) puts all her heart into running her busy hairdressing salon in sunny South of France. Meanwhile, her mother (Nathalie Baye), has had her heart broken, and needs love. When Emilie starts receiving anonymous love letters, she decides to send them on to her mother, sparking confusion, complications and dilemmas when the secret admirer (Sami Bouajila) is revealed. Beautiful Lies is a refreshing comedy of errors from the director of Priceless and the star of Amelie and Coco before Chanel.

  • The Odyssey (L'odyssée) [DVD]The Odyssey (L'odyssée) | DVD | (11/12/2017) from £5.59   |  Saving you £N/A (N/A%)   |  RRP £N/A

    Summer, 1946. The Cousteau family - Jacques, his wife Simone and their two children Philippe and Jean-Michel - live in their beautiful house by the Mediterranean sea. By day they dive, by night they watch the stars. Jacques lives and breathes adventure and with his invention, the aqualung, his recently acquired vessel the Calypso, and a crew of free-spirited adventurers he is ready to cross the world's oceans. Jacques is willing to sacrifice everything to achieve his dream.

  • Pot Luck/Russian Dolls 2Pot Luck/Russian Dolls 2 | DVD | (07/01/2008) from £12.98   |  Saving you £12.01 (48.10%)   |  RRP £24.99

    Comedy drama double bill following the lives of seven international students. In Pot Luck (2002) the seven meet when they share a flat in Barcelona. Romain Duris stars as Xavier a French economics student who through a connection of his father's is offered a good job at the Ministry of Finance on the condition that he learns Spanish. He immediately enrols on a language programme in Barcelona despite the misgivings of his girlfriend Martine (Audrey Tautou) and moves into 'L'Auberge Espagnole' (the Spanish apartment) where the diverse personalities of his fellow housemates change his life forever. The film premiered at the 2002 Cannes Film Festival. In the sequel Russian Dolls (2005) the seven meet up several years later for a former flatmate's wedding in St Petersburg and catch up with each other.

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