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All 18 episodes of the fourth season of Rod Serling's classic, groundbreaking series, now presented in pristine high-definition for the first time ever, along with hours of new and exclusive bonus features not available anywhere else! Titles Comprise:In His ImageThe Thirty-Fathom GraveValley of the ShadowHe's AliveMuteDeath ShipJesse-BelleMiniaturePrinter's DevilNo Time Like The PastThe ParallelI Dream of GenieThe New ExhibitOf Late I Think of CliffordvilleThe Inredible World of Horace FordOn Thursday We Leave For HomePassage On The Lady AnneThe Bard

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19 September 2011
Blu Ray 
Fremantle Home Entertainment 
946 minutes 
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  • Twilight Zone - Season Four [Blu-ray]
    Kevin Stanley

    Twilight Zone: Season Four
    Starring: Dennis Hopper, Robert Duvall, Jack Klugman and others
    Writers: Rod Serling, Richard Matheson, Charles Beaumont and Earl Hamner, Jr.
    Directors: Buzz Kulik, Walter E. Grauman, Ralph Senensky, Justus Addiss and others

    The Transition to Fifty Minute Episodes
    Despite the quick fire release of seasons one to three of the twilight zone over the past few months my excitement to see season 4 was as great as ever. The most obvious change for season for over the previous seasons is the change of format from 20 minute episodes to 50 minutes. Does it diminish the effect of the stories? Well in some cases it allows the stories to be given greater depth and embellishment, whilst in other cases the stories progress a little slower and I suppose they pack a little less punch as things are slightly more drawn out. The twenty minute episodes zinged that tiny bit more because they were so brief and viewers were left reeling wondering how so much had been packed into so little screen time... Perhaps some viewers might suggest that the 20 minute episodes were a little more watchable because the shorter format meant that the viewer had to commit less time to watching an episode... but that said 50 minutes is still significantly less than the length of an average film and the episodes still cram in a lot more content and leave a greater impression than most movies. So it's debateable, I think that there are actually some pros and cons.

    The Writers. Were They From The Twilight Zone?
    Next question: is there a diminishing return on the quality of the episodes in season 4? As the episodes rack up, has Serling managed to keep things fresh or has the idea of the Twilight Zone worn thin? No, fortunately Serling (and his close team of occasional Twilight Zone contributors including Matheson, Charles Beaumont and Earl Hamner, Jr.) show no sign of slowing, loosing focus or hitting any sort of writers block... it's as if Serling, especially prolific as a sci-fi writer, himself was from the Twilight Zone. Where did he think up all these wonderful ideas and storylines? He really was a genius the like of which we have never seen since... Modern day writers that might have a claim on living up to the brilliance of Serling as would perhaps be Stephen Spilberg or Joss Whedon or J J Abrams, but then I have no doubt that each of those writers would all cite Serling as a huge influence on their own careers.

    Favourite Episodes
    One of my favourite episodes from Season 4 is Death Ship, starring Jack Klugman (in his second trip to the Twilight Zone) and written by Richard Matheson. It's a classic space episode. I really enjoy the episodes that take us off Terra Firma and into uncharted outer space. In this episode a group of spacemen fly over an uncharted planet to find something rather mysterious. I'll not spoil any of this excellent episode by telling you what they find but as always Richard Matheson's writing is excellent and this is a cracking episode.

    My second favourite episode to tell you a little about is Miniature starring Robert Duvall and written by Charles Beaumont in which a thirty-something office worker decides to find a way out of the day to day grind of work and life. I'm not a huge fan of Duvall but it's a treat to see him here in his earlier years producing a fine performance.

    And my third favourite episode from season 4 is another outer space episode - On Thursday We Leave for Home - starring James Whitmore and written by Rod Serling, in which a group of asteroid colonists, returning to Earth, has to make a decision whether to remain as a colony as they have lived for the last thirty years or go their separate ways. The leader wants the group to remain together but the rest of the colonists have other plans regardless of what their leader tells them about the Earth being very different from the asteroid on which they now live. Will the colonists leave the asteroid, will their leader remain? It's a fascinating episode.

    Twilight Zone Blu-ray Sales
    Apparently these releases of the Twilight Zone haven't been selling very well, so the devoted fans should be grateful that the team releasing these DVDs has stuck with the release schedule. It'd be a terrible shame to not be able to own every episode. I'm shocked that the series is not better loved. In my opinion it's impossible not to like the Twilight Zone and having only seen a fraction of the total episodes when I was younger I'm personally delighted to see them all being re-released especially on Blu-ray where they really shine. Get out there (or online) and buy your copy now!

    Personal Experiences of The Twilight Zone (on Blu-ray. not in reality)
    I recently showed a few episodes to my father who remembered many of them from their original airings back in the 60s. He loved them as much as me. Do keep in mind that I had to buy him a Blu-ray player just so he could watch these Blu-ray releases. But it was well worth it to see him enjoying these episodes. He was previously unfamiliar with Blu-ray technology but was rightly astonished by the clarity and sharpness of the images. The audience in the 60s was indeed significant, it's a shame that the audience for the show now seems less prolific. I would like to praise this show and encourage everyone to try it if you've never seen it. I promise you that you won't be disappointed.

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The complete fourth season of the classic American television sci-fi series by Rod Serling. In each of the 18 stand-alone episodes, an ordinary person finds himself in an extraordinary situation, where the laws of reality are suspended. Episodes are: 'In His Image', 'The Thirty Fathom Grave', 'Valley of the Shadow', 'He's Alive', 'Mute', 'Death Ship', 'Jess-Belle', 'Miniature', 'Printer's Devil', 'No Time Like the Past', 'The Parallel', 'I Dream of Genie', 'The New Exhibit', 'Of Late I Think of Cliffordville', 'The Incredible World of Horace Ford', 'On Thursday We Leave For Home', 'Passage on the Lady Anne' and 'The Bard'.

Please note this is a region B Blu-ray and will require a region B or region free Blu-ray player in order to play.   All 18 episodes of the fourth season of Rod Serling's classic, groundbreaking series, now presented in pristine high-definition for the first time ever, along with hours of new and exclusive bonus features not available anywhere else! Titles Comprise: In His Image The Thirty-Fathom Grave Valley of the Shadow He's Alive Mute Death Ship Jesse-Belle Miniature Printer's Devil No Time Like The Past The Parallel I Dream of Genie The New Exhibit Of Late I Think of Cliffordville The Inredible World of Horace Ford On Thursday We Leave For Home Passage On The Lady Anne The Bard   Actors Dennis Hopper, Robert Duvall & Jack Klugman Certificate 12 years and over Year 1963 Screen Fullscreen 1.33:1 Languages English

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