3 Classic Horrors Of The Silver Screen - Vol. 7 - Attack Of The Giant Leeches DVD


Attack Of The Giant Leeches: Unbeknown to the locals giant leeches live in caves under a swamp. The disappearance of a succession of trappers prompts the game warden to investigate matters with horrifying results. The Amazing Transparent Man: An expert safecracker named Faust (Douglas Kennedy) turns invisible via radioactive rays in this low-budget science fiction-crime movie. A beautiful dame (Marguerite Chapman) busts Faust out of jail and takes him to a remote Te

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07 March 2005
Classic Entertainment 
185 minutes 
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Triple-bill of classic horror films. In 'Attack of the Giant Leeches' (1959), game warden Steve Benton (Ken Clark) investigates the disappearance of several trappers around an area of swampland, only to discover a colony of gigantic killer leeches. 'The Amazing Transparent Man' (1960) sees crazed ex-army major Paul Krenner (James Griffith) force captured scientists into creating his own invisible army, without realising the horrific side-effects of his radiation treatment. 'Revolt of the Zombies' (1936) is set after the First World War and sees a multinational expedition dispatched to Cambodia to investigate rumours of a cult that is using secret rituals to create zombie slaves.

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